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  1. Black_Ice

    [PSA] Compensation for Clan Brawl on 21 Dec

    There was no steel or coal on offer for this first brawl. Each brawl has different rewards. The compensation given here is 40% of the total rewards that could have been won. Its actually a very decent amount. I just wanted to play, which was the most disapointing thing from the night. We did get some battles in, when it was fixed, but by then we were all tired and angry. Never able to play your best in those conditions.
  2. Black_Ice

    Clan Brawls

    Dont worry Dave, they will fix it in the morning, so the other servers wont have the issue. Its all going to be fine
  3. Black_Ice

    Clan Brawls

  4. Yaaaaaaar me Hearties. I'm going to plunder your treasure
  5. Title says it all. Why did the reward missions disappear before the last night of battles?
  6. Won a CB struggle match. Result not counted 😞
  7. Black_Ice

    Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

    Tomorrow? One day notice is pretty poor communication.
  8. Black_Ice

    Box letters problem

    Thank you. I will try it tonight.
  9. Black_Ice

    Box letters problem

    I have had no luck getting the client to show the correct character sets either. I cant read Chinese/Japanese (some Korean), but I can tell the difference between the character sets. My PC is setup to display these character sets, but as soon as I enter the game I lose this functionality? Its very frustrating.
  10. Black_Ice

    Big Boys Toys

  11. @GOMBEE8626 Any update on how ASIA can be included in these events? Its front page news. More codes, more Prizes. Yay? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/a-stream-is-starting/ Its still 2am start time, in the middle of the week! Stream 2 starts: 2019/08/02 @ 00:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/08/02 @ 02:00 Stream 3 starts: 2019/08/09 @ 00:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/08/09 @ 02:00 Stream 4 starts: 2019/08/16 @ 00:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/08/16 @ 02:00
  12. Black_Ice

    They make a division use 3 Test ship

    CCs are not the same as Supertesters, and we each have different rules. This quoted post relates to CCs. The post is also quite old, and WG is able to change the rules we must follow as testers when ever they wish, to meet their changing goals. There have been changes over the course of this year, but our NDA agreement includes the rules themselves so I cant repeat them. We are required to do many things you might not expect. Just be reassured that WG watches our accounts very closely (how would they get results from test data if they were not?). They know what ships we enter a division with, who the players were, what ships we played against and so on. Tracking our every move is the whole point of the program. If we breach our internal rules they already know about it and its dealt with directly and swiftly.
  13. My biggest annoyance was not only the English stream starting time of 2am, is when I did start watching it (dont ask), they were teasing the viewers. We wont give the code if people ask for the code in chat. Of course no one knows of this rule when thy join late. So its non-stop messaging asking if the code has been given yet. Not to mention the trolls who are posting 'Code, now no one will get it' End result is the stream started at 2am, but the code was not given out until 3am. Great joke, I had a lovely time when I should have been asleep. Edit. This is week 1 of 4. Please can you get this fixed before the next 3 codes are due.
  14. Black_Ice

    [RESULTS] Summer Community Event

    Summer Community Event Event Schedule Start: 2019/06/21 @ 00:01 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/06/21 @ 02:01 End: 2019/06/24 @ 23:59 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/06/25 @ 01:59 "Summer". This event didn't resonate with me for some reason.
  15. Black_Ice

    WIN SUPERCONTAINERS AND MORE - Starfall Competition

    Each valid ship can earn 1 star a day, so if you complete all your 16 on two days you will get your 30.