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  1. Black_Ice

    WIN SUPERCONTAINERS AND MORE - Starfall Competition

    Each valid ship can earn 1 star a day, so if you complete all your 16 on two days you will get your 30.
  2. Black_Ice

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season [Updated]

    An update. The answer was 10:30 AEDT. It appears the previous in game timer's bugs have been corrected (mostly). The text information in the popup overlay still has one bug. The line shown that states "The time shown is for your Timezone: UTC +10" has not been updated. It really is showing the details for UTC +11 as it should, but the overlay is wrong. Functionally it now works correctly. Also, a big thank you for moving it 30 minutes forwards. This tiny adjustment has had a very large impact to my Australian clan. Instead of playing just one or two matches last night, we managed 6. 🙂
  3. Black_Ice

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season [Updated]

    Why cant you get the times right? There are three different posted times! The News post has two different times. The first I assume has not been updated. It says 23:00 AEDT. The second part has been updated. It converts to 12:30 AEDT. Then ingame it is showing as 22:30 AEST. I am not in AEST. I am in AEDT. If I add an hour to correct this, its 23:30 AEDT So is it 22:30, 23:00, or 23:30? Dates Starts: 2019/04/03 @ 20:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/04/03 @ 23:00 Ends: 2019/05/27 @ 14:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/05/27 @ 16:00 Gaming sessions available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. On the days of any update releases, no Clan Battles will be held. Prime time in different regions (UTC): ASIA 11:30 — 15:30 [Updated] CIS 16:00 — 20:00 EU 17:00 — 21:00 NA 23:30 — 03:30
  4. When are the rewards for the test due to be credited?
  5. The test only ran for a week. The last session was on Sunday night 17/03/2019. You missed it by one day.
  6. Bugs: 1. Stated start times do not reflect local time zone. I am in UTC+11, not UTC+10. The game is not taking DST into account. It is reading the wrong details from my pc. 2. Even after manually adding +1 hour to correct for this - it still does not match the actual start time for CB. We readied up a full team. Hit enter battle - and it unreadies the entire team. It says it starts at 21:00. We try to enter at 22:00 but find it actually starts at 23:00
  7. Black_Ice

    cross server clan battles bugs

    It says its started for us, but when we try to enter it unreadies everyone. They have gotten it wrong. I am not in UTC+10. I am UTC+11. But even when I correct for the 1 hour difference it still should have started. It has not.
  8. Rewards for Testing Play 10 battles during the test season, a minimum of which 5 should be played during the prime time of another region. For doing so, you’ll earn 500 Steel and 15,000 Coal. Is this earned as a personal mission? If it is then it means you need to run the same players over all 10 matches, and no one else gets the rewards?
  9. Black_Ice

    Anyone know what a 3-2 skill is ???

    CV loadouts are commonly referred to by how many squads of each type of plane they are using. 3/2/1 would be 3 Fighters, 2 Torpedo bombers, 1 Dive Bomber.
  10. Black_Ice

    Winners of Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    Congratulations to the Winners, and Thanks @RalphTheTheatreCat
  11. Black_Ice

    Winners of Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    Black_Ice "I will not be salty if my crate is poop"
  12. I hate you SEA-ME-WE3 cable. Perth-Singapore subsea cable is down again Third time since August 2017. The troubled SEA-ME-WE3 cable connecting Perth and Singapore is down for the third time since August last year. “Ethernet services and IP Transit services may experience increased latency to Asian destinations as they are routed through alternate paths.” Vocus said there is no current estimated time of restoration for the cable
  13. I have not went to the website you mentioned, but the way its written is they are trying to trick you into voluntarily mining currency for them. They are either going to pay you a small fraction of the value of the currency they create (unlikely), or not pay you anything at all and keep it for themselves. The Growing Threat of Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Bitcoin boom prompts growth of coin-mining malware Your other fears are just as valid. Dont do this.
  14. Black_Ice

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    You cant wait for data to not show up to decide if the rules are right. How do you distinguish between those players who were never going to participate vs those who want to but can't? Its impossible to do so. We have already been through this with Team Battles. I Tested those before release and my feedback was it was exactly what I had been waiting to play. A great addition to the game. How many Team Battles have I played since it went live? Zero. Because I cant. The response given when they were released was exactly the same. It would be reviewed after the trial.
  15. Black_Ice

    Finishing Yamamoto mission 2!

    I have not had a look at the available missions, but just a reminder. You can repeat missions you have already completed to get additional stars. I completed stage 1 without ever playing in a Cruiser. (I was testing UKBBs at the time). I will go back to get the task rewards later on. By the sounds of it, I will be doing the same this stage too. I don't have a high tier CV and dont enjoy playing them either.