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  1. Black_Ice

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    I love watching streams at 2am on a weekday. Really helps my insomina.
  2. Black_Ice

    Clan Brawl 10

    No response? You fixed this for all other servers. All Servers except for ASIA have ratings and positions. Top 50 clans on each server all get rewards, but ASIA has zero clans played listed still. No rewards? Not to forget that all stats and positions for Season 9 are incorrect too.
  3. Black_Ice

    Clan Brawl 10

    You have really messed this up. Wins and loses, are applying points to the season 9's Alpha Rating results. No ranking being recorded for the Season 10 Brawl.
  4. Black_Ice

    0.9.4 Bug Report Thread

    Target version: 0.9.4 Category: Maps Mode: Submarine Battle Subject: In Game - Neighbors - Collision model for island protruding past visual model Center island at D6, stops ship progress while appearing as clear water. Screenshot at point of impact. Timestamp 16:45 on replay. 20200528_191539_PUSC506-Perth-1942_42_Neighbors_Sub.wowsreplay
  5. Black_Ice

    0.9.2 - Issues with Clan Naval Battles

    Clans appear to be having issues this morning. I get the message to Join/Create a clan. clicking on the button takes me to view my clan. Chat messages will show me as being in a clan. I dont have the Naval Battles button at all. Matches dont reward clan bonuses. Multiple reports of the same thing in the game chat channels. I have logged a ticket
  6. Black_Ice

    Lunar Boxes results

    Hey, you got my ship. Wanna buy a cammo?
  7. Black_Ice

    Lunar Boxes results

    I finally got something good from the Mission line containers. Wait, really? I just got a permanent camo, for a Premium ship that already comes with a permanent camo when you buy it. This wouldnt be of any value for someone who owned the ship, its worth even less to me as I dont own the ship. I cant even preview what it would look like... Hey WG. You forgot to include my ship in the crate. Thats it, I am selling this
  8. Black_Ice

    [PSA] Compensation for Clan Brawl on 21 Dec

    There was no steel or coal on offer for this first brawl. Each brawl has different rewards. The compensation given here is 40% of the total rewards that could have been won. Its actually a very decent amount. I just wanted to play, which was the most disapointing thing from the night. We did get some battles in, when it was fixed, but by then we were all tired and angry. Never able to play your best in those conditions.
  9. Black_Ice

    Clan Brawls

    Dont worry Dave, they will fix it in the morning, so the other servers wont have the issue. Its all going to be fine
  10. Black_Ice

    Clan Brawls

  11. Yaaaaaaar me Hearties. I'm going to plunder your treasure
  12. Title says it all. Why did the reward missions disappear before the last night of battles?
  13. Won a CB struggle match. Result not counted 😞
  14. Black_Ice

    Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

    Tomorrow? One day notice is pretty poor communication.
  15. Black_Ice

    Box letters problem

    Thank you. I will try it tonight.