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  1. I hate you SEA-ME-WE3 cable. Perth-Singapore subsea cable is down again Third time since August 2017. The troubled SEA-ME-WE3 cable connecting Perth and Singapore is down for the third time since August last year. “Ethernet services and IP Transit services may experience increased latency to Asian destinations as they are routed through alternate paths.” Vocus said there is no current estimated time of restoration for the cable
  2. I have not went to the website you mentioned, but the way its written is they are trying to trick you into voluntarily mining currency for them. They are either going to pay you a small fraction of the value of the currency they create (unlikely), or not pay you anything at all and keep it for themselves. The Growing Threat of Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Bitcoin boom prompts growth of coin-mining malware Your other fears are just as valid. Dont do this.
  3. Black_Ice

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    You cant wait for data to not show up to decide if the rules are right. How do you distinguish between those players who were never going to participate vs those who want to but can't? Its impossible to do so. We have already been through this with Team Battles. I Tested those before release and my feedback was it was exactly what I had been waiting to play. A great addition to the game. How many Team Battles have I played since it went live? Zero. Because I cant. The response given when they were released was exactly the same. It would be reviewed after the trial.
  4. Black_Ice

    Finishing Yamamoto mission 2!

    I have not had a look at the available missions, but just a reminder. You can repeat missions you have already completed to get additional stars. I completed stage 1 without ever playing in a Cruiser. (I was testing UKBBs at the time). I will go back to get the task rewards later on. By the sounds of it, I will be doing the same this stage too. I don't have a high tier CV and dont enjoy playing them either.
  5. Black_Ice

    Supercontainers from Yamamoto campaign

    50 AA flags + Imperial Nikolai & 10 point commander Best supercontainer I have ever received.
  6. Black_Ice

    How to be come a super tester

    Australian here too.
  7. This is from the EU server, but its the same situation for all. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/arpeggio-reminder/
  8. Black_Ice

    how long WG keep inactive account?

    Forever. It's just a database record and no cost for them to keep them. You will find this is standard practice in all MMOs etc. There is no disadvantage to them for holding onto your progress records. Alternatively, deleting this data can lose them returning players. Coming back and realising you need to start over can be enough to turn people away again. They don't want to do that. Welcome him back. Everything will be there waiting for him.
  9. Black_Ice

    World of warships film !

    That was an emotional watch.
  10. Black_Ice

    Yo dawg, I herd you liek user groups

    Does it only show here?
  11. Black_Ice

    Hall of Fame Q1/2.2016.

    T5 Kirov. 2561 Base XP
  12. Black_Ice

    Admiral Hipper Turrent 3

    It is confirmed. http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-0561-patchnotes/
  13. Black_Ice

    Wargaming Data Center

    Not tier 4 rated ones. Equinix, Global Switch, Fujitsu are all T3. The costs for floor space is comparatively very high compared to other countries options too. The video was pretty nice, but I would have liked to see some more detail around what WG is running inside the data centers rather then looking at the site itself.
  14. This is the same methodology that occurred for WoT during in game specials. While you could buy items at a discounted price, the same reduced price also applied when you sold those items during the special. These are the first in-game specials for Ships so its probably a bit of a surprise to see it working this way. The games (WoT, WoWP, WoWS) do not record the price you paid for the ship, it uses the current value when calculating the sale price. If there is a discount running, that is the value it uses when deciding how many credits you get back. The only thing you can do is to sell the ship you plan on getting rid of prior to the event starting, or delaying and selling it once the price goes back to normal.
  15. Black_Ice

    Concealment not working

    I guess the first thing to point out, is that the ship you are seeing at 7.5 to 7km, may not in fact be the ship that has detected you. It is possible that there was another ship closer that had an even lower concealment distance that you had not yet spotted. That said, 6.1 km is a very good number so this might not have been the case. Have you fired your guns recently? That applies a penalty that continues to apply to your concealment until 20 seconds from your last shot fired. Are you on fire? Fires also apply a penalty to concealment. If I remember correctly the penalty increases for each fire on the ship. Lastly, was their an enemy aircraft nearby? They have to get much closer to detect you, but it is something that is frequently overlooked. In particular if you have not disabled your secondary/AA guns. If they have fired at the aircraft, then see the point above about firing your guns. Secondaries and AA apply the same penalty as does manually firing your primary guns.