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  1. TrozOz

    Anyone seen AALG??

    Hi Folks, Has anyone seen AALG around lately? He's dropped off the planet in the last few weeks and we just want confirmation that he's upright and breathing. Any assistance would be great. Cheers
  2. TrozOz

    UI Things to do Check List

    - Permanent display of current rudder setting - as per the throttle setting (and many other posts along these lines) - Swap the map Alphanumeric map labels on the minimap to align with those of WoT. Ie running across the top of the map and down the left side - Torpedo reload timers for each torpedo turret rather than the single timer as it current is - A timer on the capture flag to show how long left (in secs) rather than just the bar - A visual range ring showing your area of AA effectiveness
  3. Depending on calibre - easy if its something like the 20mm loadout for a battleship.
  4. Nice. Would be cool comparing that to the losses in the Pacific campaign during WW2.
  5. PANZACS checking in....