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  1. teysanook

    Returning to World of Warships!

    Yes, there may be an email, giving bonus code or mission.
  2. teysanook

    [ALL] Voice MOD Games, character, etc

    Thread locked as per OP’s request. ~ teysanook
  3. teysanook

    Haifuri Skins DLC

    Thread locked as per owner's request. ~ teysanook
  4. teysanook

    Ship girls' Skins

    Thread locked as per owner's request. ~ teysanook
  5. teysanook

    Fan ART

    Thread locked as per owner's request. ~ teysanook
  6. teysanook

    Blue mermaid flag code

    Thread closed at the request of the OP ~teysanook
  7. teysanook

    launcher not working

    Could you provide us screenshots of problem? also WoWSLauncher.log and WoWSLauncher.cfg?
  8. teysanook

    Uninstallation Problems

    It was freeze or it just need times for uninstalling?
  9. teysanook

    Launcher Problem

    WoWSLauncher.log and WoWSLauncher.cfg ,please?
  10. teysanook


    something is wrong with your game client checking. It find that all your files is corrupt. So it re-download all of them for fixing it. My suggestion: Go to "Updates" folder, backup all update files you got there in that folder. (9GB and 500 MB that you downloaded at first time) Uninstall current game client and make sure World_of_Warships get removed properly. Reinstall game client again. When the setup is done, restore update file into "Updates" folder. (This should make you don't need to download whole update files again.) Launch the WOWS launcher. Let it extract and install update as usual. If you still get same problem after reinstalling, please lodge ticket to support. And you should check your ram or HDD as well.
  11. teysanook

    HTTP download fails due to Inner libCurl error(18)

    WoWSLauncher.cfg and latest WOWSLauncher.log, please. Upload both to file hosting website such as mediafire.com or Dropbox.
  12. teysanook

    Launcher error

    here is a fixed one. WoWSLauncher.cfg for Shouzou_Chihaya replace it on old one in your game installation folder.
  13. teysanook

    Launcher error

    Your config file is broken. Please upload your WoWSLauncher.cfg file and post download link here. I will look into it.
  14. update game client with 40KB/s speed .... geezzzz