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  1. _Spawny_

    Black is amazing

    how to get black?
  2. _Spawny_

    Musashi or Kronshtadt? Pros and Cons

    i recommend mighty mo......oh wait....hahah
  3. I remember I had about 120k free xp when Missouri was made available a few years ago. I grinded to 800k free xp (no converting)... When I reached 750k I didn't get the Missouri.... Cos I was feeling burnt out. Another 50k free xp I was totally burnt out and retired from wows for about a year. I think it took me about 1.2k games to grind the free xps.
  4. _Spawny_

    Old player planning to return to wows

    Tried the Trashkent today without IFHE.... Omg.... Only manage to set 1 fire.... WTF.... Put on IFHE.... Not much difference anyway... Has the damage and fire starting potential being nerf to kingdom come? Or am I doing something wrong?
  5. _Spawny_

    Old player planning to return to wows

    Hmmm... So.not worth it to get the Khabarosvk now? How about the other RU Tier 10 DD? I'm on Benson for US. Might as well go for gearing?
  6. _Spawny_

    Old player planning to return to wows

    Thanks for the welcome guys... Any OP/fun boats I should grind for? 1. Pan Asian line : GM? 2. UK BB : Conqueror? 3. RU DD : Khabarosvk? At tier 9s now for RU DD Will have to read up on the smoke detection... Thanks for heads up. Also, wows have clan wars already? haha
  7. _Spawny_

    Old player planning to return to wows

    gulp...so many changes...i think i'll stick to lower tiers till i get my bearings straighten out. hehe
  8. _Spawny_

    Old player planning to return to wows

    rip MK...i was thinking of grabbing that...too bad.
  9. _Spawny_

    Old player planning to return to wows

    hey there ralph, most prems being removed? WUT? WHY? so can't buy them with doubloons anymore? if so, which one should i grab?
  10. Hi guys.... Just free xped Missouri and have it in port now. Been away for a while from boats and now I dunno where to start or continue. Now we have brit BBs, some new premiums... Anything else. Should I look out for? Like captain skills, OP boats I should grind for etc?
  11. _Spawny_

    Missouri Marathon

    hey guys....long time no visit here. just saw on some youtube contributors video that mighty mo will be removed from tech tree soon. seeing how i farmed free xp a while ago before i retired from wows, and having now 800k free xp, is it about time i get me a mo? fyi, i already have a yammy.
  12. _Spawny_

    the new and reworked russian dd

    i haven't even updated the game yet....haha
  13. Dunno.... I haven't even touch wows since ranked started.... I'm a zero
  14. _Spawny_

    Thanks To MM...

    Like I said MM just takes into consideration ship tier, not how OP the ship is compare to others... I'm not saying it's balanced when it's a Belfast vs pepsicola match up, or other number of ships. All I'm saying is MM is balanced by ship tiers.