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    events bring out the brainless players

    Happens in Tanks and happens in Planes (which do not exist in ASIA cluster)... ...it will happen again elsewhere...
  2. Forum_Warrior_M4_Get_Out

    To those high tier DD without proper build

    Does it matter when you can have like 10-20 builds with Takao...? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make sure you pay every such player you find a hefty sum of gold so they can convert enough EXP get out of stockness, retrain their crew to full and reset their builds...
  3. Forum_Warrior_M4_Get_Out

    Is IFHE worth for Bismarck?

    The German Battleships gets the caliber/4 pen rule for their 12.8cm secondaries...which the Bismarck and FDG lacks. Smaller than 12.8cm works on the normal caliber/6 pen rule. IFHE works if you are using Gniesenau or Kurfurst and not so much on Bismarck and FDG...and Bayern (its 15cm secondaries fire AP, as I've learned the hard way).
  4. Forum_Warrior_M4_Get_Out

    To Yorck or not to Yorck?...

    I can vouch for the Yorck, even while stock...though it really could use the hull upgrade for the extra rudder shift. Spam HE on everything at longer range and use AP when up against enemy cruisers at close range, torpedoes whenever you get the chance or for shooting into smoke (though its range is almost in its German hydro range) Run German Hydro and ruin destroyers' day with the great close range performance of the guns. The only problem is the very slow turret traverse, though, so think ahead. I don't think I want the Hipper anymore...tried it in test server and it's just not that good.
  5. Forum_Warrior_M4_Get_Out

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    ...and I thought NA was bad enough when it comes to cowardice...