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  1. MEOW

    Paypal ship offer for cheaper dubloons?

    same goes here got this error page been trying since yesterday
  2. this file was too big to upload
  3. After this update ive been crashing a lot, but all the driver already been best updated. below is description of the os win 10 running cpu :amd a10 5745 apu graphic :amd8610g + amd 8670m graphic ram: 8gb before update 0.6.4 update never crashed any thought?
  4. MEOW

    [Update 0.6.0] Release Feedback

    Update came early 40 minutes and i finally got last pin for graf spee....hurray then server goes into maintenance... Oh wait, you still need to play a random for final mission
  5. MEOW

    graphical bug glitch ati

    issue:graphical glitch(torpedo,smoke,fire) screenshot : ship:any map:any occurrence: every time tested:i don't know how did it happen but here is DxDiag.txt 21.94K severity: visual error. details: it really annoying to see rainbow pixelated smoke or fire or pixelated torpedo DxDiag.txt
  6. MEOW

    [CV] Total Damage

    hi im kinda new to cv any tips playing ryujo? like using the strike pack or fighter ones?
  7. be strong my IJN CV captain path of CV is not for those weak heart its for honorable,patient and sharp mind captain
  8. i as IJN CV player dont say its much buff for nerfing the rudder times of BB because : 1.USN CV just can fighter deny its IJN strike force by fly their fighter near IJN CV(cant do a thing) with MM system now day is 1 carrier against 1 carrier 2.if there IJN CV vs IJN CV its another stories still IJN paper plane still can get shot down easilly by AA, heck even by worst AA unless your that player BB who goes alone unescorted of course you get nuked. 3. IJN sure does got NUKE but whats the point if you cant get the nuke to targets Dont say CV OP if your not playing CV plus it required more micro manage rather than point shoot and kill ps:wish CV can get system like NF2 (where fuel,flying height and etc)
  9. i dont know about being OP that 18 usn fighter vs 12 paper IJN fighter
  10. hrm basically ijn CV assault configuration required surprise attack . Im running on ryujo with nuke configuration vs independence fighter setup my usual route against this is setup is: 1.deploy all and send nuke paper squad at edge of map to keep their presence undetected 2.sent fighter go scout for its fighter 3.pick target which is most likely enemy fighter having hard time to chase before its too late 4.make sure every payload(torpedo) count in single strike because there wont be second one 5.one squad for distraction, one squad for true strike 6.watch your target burn or flooded 7.surely it will cost most time doing it and hope your team don't get early annihilated any other tips sure help us CV IJN captain out there psst use DB first in strike then came in with TB
  11. MEOW

    Stuttering audio bug

    same audio stutter and fps after latest patch before able to run at solid 45 fps at medium (intensive battle,DD smoke) now bump down to minimum and get 20 fps and audio stuttering running on dual radeon ati hd 8670+8610 8gb ram 2.1ghz boost to 2.6ghz