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  1. TE_Deathskyz

    So got this the other day

    It is scripted. I saw WG's script for the KOTS Tournament. That's why I put ASIA-NA 6:3.
  2. TE_Deathskyz

    So got this the other day

    It's because someone reported you Yobbo. That's why your RNG is bad.
  3. TE_Deathskyz

    why, karma, why

    I'm sorry for your loss Drakon. I hope you detonate in the next 10 matches. 1 Prayer = 1 Detonation.
  4. TE_Deathskyz

    Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    If you play as an AS CV and the enemy gets 1 single strike off. Then you failed your job as an AS CV.
  5. TE_Deathskyz

    Friedrich Der Grose abnormal detect ability by Air

    But aircraft can only spot up to 11km.
  6. TE_Deathskyz

    QE is downright the worst ship i have ever played

    git gud drakon you skrub
  7. TE_Deathskyz

    The Hindenburg Was Worth It

    As a Super-Unicum Hindenburg player, I approve.
  8. TE_Deathskyz

    Yugumo is now a better DD than the Fletcher.

    Don't forget that if you take a TRB Yugumo and there's a semi-competent CV on the enemy team... You are useless.
  9. TE_Deathskyz

    Nelson got Nerfed Heavily

    You know they are still in testing and subject to change right?
  10. TE_Deathskyz

    USS Enterprise is seriously underpowered

    It's probably easier to buff an underpowered premium ship (Lo Yang) than to nerf an overperforming premium ship (Saipan)
  11. TE_Deathskyz

    PVE Gamemode needs alot of work

    How hard can it be? I got my 5 stars after the second try.
  12. TE_Deathskyz

    Did somebody say "Royal Navy Battleships"?

    I mean... Everyone kept asking where the British BBs are... Now that they are here... Everyone is complaining that there are more BBs.
  13. TE_Deathskyz

    Move Admiral Graf Spee to tier VII

    Even then. What can it do that the Scharnhorst can't? The Scharn has a ridiculously good armor that the Graf simply cannot compete with. The Scharnhorst also goes as fast as the Graf.
  14. TE_Deathskyz

    Move Admiral Graf Spee to tier VII

    If the Graf Spee is a tier 7, what's the point of her when the Scharnhorst is also a tier 7.
  15. TE_Deathskyz

    How much win rate is good enough?

    Still trying to reach 70%