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  1. Deathskyz

    So got this the other day

    It is scripted. I saw WG's script for the KOTS Tournament. That's why I put ASIA-NA 6:3.
  2. Deathskyz

    So got this the other day

    It's because someone reported you Yobbo. That's why your RNG is bad.
  3. Deathskyz

    why, karma, why

    I'm sorry for your loss Drakon. I hope you detonate in the next 10 matches. 1 Prayer = 1 Detonation.
  4. Deathskyz

    Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    If you play as an AS CV and the enemy gets 1 single strike off. Then you failed your job as an AS CV.
  5. Deathskyz

    Friedrich Der Grose abnormal detect ability by Air

    But aircraft can only spot up to 11km.
  6. Deathskyz

    QE is downright the worst ship i have ever played

    git gud drakon you skrub
  7. Deathskyz

    The Hindenburg Was Worth It

    As a Super-Unicum Hindenburg player, I approve.
  8. Deathskyz

    Yugumo is now a better DD than the Fletcher.

    Don't forget that if you take a TRB Yugumo and there's a semi-competent CV on the enemy team... You are useless.
  9. Deathskyz

    Nelson got Nerfed Heavily

    You know they are still in testing and subject to change right?
  10. Deathskyz

    USS Enterprise is seriously underpowered

    It's probably easier to buff an underpowered premium ship (Lo Yang) than to nerf an overperforming premium ship (Saipan)
  11. Deathskyz

    PVE Gamemode needs alot of work

    How hard can it be? I got my 5 stars after the second try.
  12. Deathskyz

    Did somebody say "Royal Navy Battleships"?

    I mean... Everyone kept asking where the British BBs are... Now that they are here... Everyone is complaining that there are more BBs.
  13. Deathskyz

    Move Admiral Graf Spee to tier VII

    Even then. What can it do that the Scharnhorst can't? The Scharn has a ridiculously good armor that the Graf simply cannot compete with. The Scharnhorst also goes as fast as the Graf.
  14. Deathskyz

    Move Admiral Graf Spee to tier VII

    If the Graf Spee is a tier 7, what's the point of her when the Scharnhorst is also a tier 7.
  15. Deathskyz

    How much win rate is good enough?

    Still trying to reach 70%