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  1. Arthun

    Submarine Testing

    is server down? i reinstall also cannot login. thought it is live at 9pm UTC 8? got connection error.
  2. Arthun

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    So no updates on the code? WG do not really care about asia server from the action that taken.
  3. Arthun

    CV Rework Test 2

    how come I cannot find the TST region in the installer?
  4. Arthun

    Cannot exit WOWS bug

    Hi, may I know if anyone has this bug? the screen hang when I try to exit WOWS. I can only ALT CTRL DEL to go task manager to exit it. Pls advise how can I solve this.
  5. Arthun

    ARP Commander use empty commander reserve slot

    Pls solved it in asia too. I cannot send my commander to reverse due to that ARP commanders.
  6. Arthun

    Search lights

    even WOT does not have night battles and it is online for so many yrs
  7. Arthun

    Suggestion for carriers

    If a carrier die, we should be able to fly our planes instead of them just flying above without any use. And if we have 2 carriers in a battle, 1 carrier is sink, its planes can refuel and rearm at our allies carriers and still able to do their work. This is my suggestion
  8. In the closed beta, I have buy slots so that I can have exact number of slots to have DD, BB, CV and Cruiser of both nations. But open beta, I am short of 2 slots. Did it happen to anyone else? Should I submit tickets?
  9. Arthun

    Lag in new CBT?

    it seem like that, de-syn. sudden there is a ship appearing in front of me.
  10. After the patch, it seem more lag. It is hard to hit ships now as it is more lag. The ships are not at the place it should be. Hope WG will fixed before it goes live.
  11. Arthun

    Alpha tester need verification?

    I thought straight away after verification, will have a link to DL? Still need to wait? WTH. It really feel like I am been scammed of my particulars
  12. I gotten an email that told me i am choosen as alpha tester but it need my IC to verify? Is that a scam or real? Does other Alpha testers also given them the particulars? What thing u give to WG for vertification?