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  1. amade

    PTS - No FN BBs

    The preview article states that you have a chance to earn the mission to earn the ship it in PT from the collection containers. The rest was figured out by checking the missions/challenges in-game. So, to recap: Complete "Reward on Main Acc. #2" mission Play more battles to earn collection containers Get lucky with the collection containers and earn the special mission Complete the special mission to earn Alsace
  2. amade

    PTS - No FN BBs

    You can earn an Alsace from the Vive le France collection containers. However, to do that you first need to complete the "Reward on Main Account #2" mission before it unlocks the "Vive le France!" repeatable challenge that gives you the containers.
  3. amade


    Ship packages that have a time limit, discount or any other special offer will not be applicable. Try the ones near the bottom of the page (the one without any red box in their top right corner).
  4. amade


    If you go to the coupon screen, the coupon itself has a small i in a circle. Hover your cursor over it and a tooltip will explain what items from the Premium Shop are applicable for it.
  5. amade

    CB Times announcement

    It wasn't deleted, it was merged with the already existing thread. Locking this one.
  6. amade

    Can't collect HSF characters after activation

    The drops via daily containers themselves are random (i.e. not guaranteed), so perhaps you were just unlucky? If you're talking about the mission associated with certain ships that is guaranteed to drop the collection, you can only do that once per ship.
  7. amade

    Return of the Collections

    That's because the daily challenge specifically gives you Bismarck containers. If you want to complete the other collection, you need to collect regular containers with a chance to drop the collectible, or earn containers specific to the collection.
  8. You can't, the feature is currently disabled in this version of the training room.
  9. amade

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    A few hours late, but it's finally here! With update 0.7.0 players now have access to the new Training Room! Practice tactics with your clan, invite your friends for some fun modes of your own ideas, or just test ships and game mechanics all by yourself. Now easily accessible to all without having to resort to editing xml files or using mods. Also in this update is an improved Matchmaker for Co-op players. Now you can face enemy bot battleships and CVs even if no human players are using them on your team! More eyecandy was also introduced; insignias have been implemented so you can show it off to your enemies and an improved port camera now allows you to view your waifus in better detail. As always, your opinions, suggestions and criticism are always welcomed. Feel free to post your thoughts in this thread. NOTE: Please post all bug reports in the Bug Reports section, and follow the recommended format for bug reporting.
  10. amade

    Torpedo Damage Mechanics

    IRL, armor thickness doesn't factor much toward the effectiveness of bulges (38 mm plating isn't going to withstand a torpedo explosion any much better than 25 mm plating), the point of torpedo bulges is to mitigate the damage caused by torpedo hits. This is done by dissipating the shockwaves within the bulges itself instead of transferring it directly to the hull. What matters is the space inside the bulge, and how it is constructed. TDS is not exclusive to torpedo bulges, other ships may use torpedo belts instead. The purpose remain the same, which is to mitigate torpedo damage. This is translated in the game as a section that benefits from a damage reduction against torpedoes. The damage reduction in-game is based on the (perceived) effectiveness of the bulges IRL.
  11. amade

    Torpedo Damage Mechanics

    I'll just repost this link: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/85475-torpedo-damage-and-you/
  12. Issue being forwarded up the ladder.
  13. amade

    Container = Loot Box = Gambling and.....?

    Meanwhile, WHO plans to include gaming addiction as a mental health disorder this year. https://icd.who.int/dev11/l-m/en#/http%3a%2f%2fid.who.int%2ficd%2fentity%2f1448597234 I reckon we should stop playing online games lest we get addicted. In my eyes, the loot boxes are definitely gambling if you purchase them in the hopes of striking out lucky to get a ship or anything rare out of it. That is why I advise others against buying it for that purpose and recommend that they only gift the boxes, as they are Santa's Gifts in name after all. I see no issue with buying the boxes for fun, as I'm doing so for my clan members by giving them away in contests. And if your gift recipient strikes out lucky, you can be happy for them (if you get salty over it, you're missing the point of the gifting exercise completely). Spread the cheer and avoid the trap of gambling. Go gift someone a box or two.
  14. amade

    Please Dont do this in Ranked

    I grinded Maass from stock until I unlocked Z-23 in season 6, and still managed 76% w/r in it
  15. amade

    The New Year Raid mission is so bad!

    You don't have to fulfill the task if it's too difficult. Just repeat any of the other easier tasks to gain the stars needed to unlock the final task.