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    Warning to those pure soul who wanna try Blitz

    What? Any other game? I'm comparing it to the same game in another platform and I know that I can't expect such quality out of mobile game but this is too lazy in detail and mechanic, they don't even at least make it share some similarities other than UI and genre. It's like playing a cheap copy made by team with extremely low budget.
  2. Don't, just don't I plays American BB and a DD rammed into me and survived then I get torped in the face twice for not be able to kill him in a few accurate salvo. Everything except DD are gimped especially BB. How gimp is it, you ask? Well, how about Yamato with 14km firing range vs Benson with almost the same weapon range as PC version? You can't upgrade your ship as your wish, you have to try your luck against post-game result gacha farm blueprints for it which drops randomly, and you'll surely get saltier than the sea And there is no cap reset even if you dropped nuke on the capper the cap counter won't be reset if he didn't get killed.
  3. mig31foxhound

    Ranked battles - the MOST stupid thing on WoW

    Tier 6 and 7 only = most people running around that range AFK = depends on people Latest premium are not tier 6 or 7 = play those already in existance instead, premium doesn't mean to play ranked battle only And if you lose a lot as you're not playing so well then get in here to whine about stupid team, well, that's DUMB
  4. mig31foxhound

    Ranked battles - the MOST stupid thing on WoW

    There is a group of ships you can play called "normal one" but you have to get them by your own blood and sweat effort. Your stats are not that DUMB because of those high tier prems you bought and you can't play them so well, so it's make sense why you got flamed by many people including me. And your Tirpitz caused less average damage than my Wyoming, BTW, and it's indicate your lack of skill so obviously, if you wonder.