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  1. MichaelTheGhost

    surface ship branch discussion

    Ah, no. Most CL didn't had a dual purpose mount and their defensive AA mount would be much lower than the bigger CA. More or less they are like a bigger DD. In my opinion. What cruisers are doing right now is fighting another cruisers, killing DD and AA cover. So we should split it like this. CL- fighting another cruisers and killing DD CA - fighting another cruisers and AA cover
  2. MichaelTheGhost

    surface ship branch discussion

    Yeah, branching line. While some nation could barely filled a single line.
  3. MichaelTheGhost

    need help on the basics

    How much basic are we talking here. As about control? Type of ships? Tactic?
  4. MichaelTheGhost


    What? Ain't that is exactly what escorting mean?
  5. MichaelTheGhost

    Dive Bomber lack of damage logic

    Because torpedo is more deadly than bomb in real life. As bomb had to go though > superstructure > deck armor > citadel to do a very serious damage. As torpedo > donate in water and rekt everything up. causing flooding and breaking keel. And 500lb is a standard... for a scout. An SBD going for bombing mission would carry a 1000lb bomb and later SB2D could carry up to 1600lb bomb. Also let compare by your logic. A 500lb AN-M58 had 145lb of high explosive filler. A 1000lb AN-M59 had 303lb of high explosive filler. A 1000lb AN-M33 (armor piecing) had 150lb of high explosive filler. (a new one, pre 42 one had like a 50lb) A 1600lb AN-Mk1 (armor piecing) had 209lb of high explosive filler. While Mark 13 air-drop torpedo is 2216lb containing 600lb of high explosive filler. Also explosion underwater had greater force than on land. Which one would do more damage.
  6. MichaelTheGhost

    A Big Buff For Dive Bomber?

    it's only a real threat against DD right now. Well, how about adding some AP bomb?
  7. MichaelTheGhost

    gold or piasters

    Maybe like in WoT beta. 150 gold everyday.
  8. MichaelTheGhost

    A point about Smoke Screens

    Well, since this game trying to make a single DD remain competitive. And not just a "screen" ships. I would say no.
  9. MichaelTheGhost

    What's the hull classification symbol for Cruisers?

    Don't overexaggerate it. also over simplification can cause confusion too.
  10. MichaelTheGhost

    Closed Beta invites?

    You'll get an e-mail for it.
  11. MichaelTheGhost

    There goes my CBT

    Maybe it does. Since I submitted in less than 5 minutes. Maybe it's done in order and it haven't reach you yet.
  12. MichaelTheGhost

    There goes my CBT

    They don't really care about that. Because that rule also apply to avatar, signature and name. Unless they want to piss off a lot of people. edit: yep, I just got confirm e-mail into the CBT.
  13. MichaelTheGhost

    There goes my CBT

    Well, I think all of us is going to pass anyway. Since the application page will close when they had enough people.