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  1. _SIayer

    I want to get refund for Atago!

    give it a few months, people will slowly stop using the ship cause of no premium benefits and it can't train your IJN crew. but think about the people who liked the Takao, they would buy the Atago and generate income for WG.
  2. _SIayer

    ARP Takao Missions

    where did all the "they won't give us Takao until they release a new split cruiser line" people go? anyways, seems easy enough gj WG
  3. _SIayer

    The Stein Fund is now accepting donations!

    convert gold to credits
  4. _SIayer

    Favorite Voice

    Kongo and Nachi
  5. _SIayer

    Next premium ship

    they really need to add IJN prem ships, Mutsu or Akagi perhaps. (training cv captain in atago is a pain)
  6. _SIayer

    Commemorative flags and voice overs

    Next month we will be getting the Takao if I am not mistaken. after that maybe the Haifuri collab will go live i guess
  7. _SIayer

    Enough bloody ARP missions already

    "I must rant something that is completely free and I have the option to disable it. give me some missions that can give me a proper ship that has prem stuff" something like that perhaps? and btw, you can download NA or EU WOWs if you don't like it here.
  8. _SIayer

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    1.3gb update still censors everywhere , yay
  9. _SIayer

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    have the same problem, even my name gets censored in battle. why can't they just add the option of censoring off/on like WOT?
  10. _SIayer

    Why is it Atago?

    they can make more money out of Takao when they release the game along with the Ars Nova collab
  11. _SIayer

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    Japs if you want to spam torps without getting detected. US if you want to brawl or hunt other DD's
  12. _SIayer

    Konggo the Grinding master ship :3

  13. _SIayer

    I don;t like the new gun sounds

    I like the new gun sounds than the previous patch. each to his own I guess