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  1. Conan

    Ladygrey Love

    LOL... she's a nice lady.
  2. Hello Commanders, Yesterday's hotfix was due to a bug with the Minekaze Commander. We're happy to inform everyone that it was fixed with yesterday's hotfix. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. ACTION STATIONS!
  3. Conan

    WG you need to seek better super testers!

    I no longer work with WoWS Asia, however, I built the SuperTester team from the start. This was some time ago but please allow me to explain the requirements I set back then. I would just like to address the concern. The requirements I've set before are to weed out those who just want to have the SuperTester title. These requirements also made sure that the players who got accepted had an acceptable amount of knowledge of the game. The SuperTester team needs dedicated and discrete members. The duties they had can be mindlessly boring and dull. They had to do the same thing with the same set of rules over and over again until something breaks. Back them the most important attributes was that SuperTesters did what they do what they are told a certain specific way and for them to shut up about it. So, while I set the minimum requirements, I looked for character and attitude. This is why there were some who were accepted that can be viewed as "not fully within the requirements." The SuperTester team does not need "good" players. They need dedicated players. Stats are not very important during the selection. The mix of stats is very good for the team as they are able to share points of view between players who have good, average, and bad gaming habits. Some people might say that the SuperTesters came along here to bash on the OP. Well, that is my fault. I built the team to have a very strong esprit de corps. They will bash even their own fellow SuperTester if he or she jeopardizes the team, especially the first 2 batches. I am no longer responsible for the SuperTester team but I stand by their dedication and their work. Some of them may be rough around the edges but they test and they test good. To the OP, if you think you can make a difference or be a better SuperTester then I suggest you apply to be one. By all means, contact the WoWS Community team. Be the new standard instead of setting a standard that apply only for others. I welcome everyone else to contact the Community team if they believe they can be the difference in the SuperTester Team. Good Day to everyone.
  4. Conan

    WG you need to seek better super testers!

    Thanks for giving me an idea
  5. Hi Everyone, As some of you may already know, I have moved to a different project. Unfortunately, this means I can no longer respond to PM's regularly. While I do visit the forums every now and then, please know that for urgent matters, you may PM Spotter who has currently taken over for me. You may also contact your friendly player moderators or even our support page. You may still send me messages but please expect delays in reply. I do apologize to the people whom have messaged me in the past and I have yet to reply to. Rest assured, I will clear my inbox as of this writing to the best of my abilities. Thank you all for your support and understanding. Keep sailing and remain ready for ACTION STATIONS!
  6. Conan

    BIG WoWS Leeks.

    What? Seriously... What?
  7. Conan

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    The reset follows UTC+8, please be guided accordingly.
  8. Congratulations, you have survived April Fool's Day. I have edited this message so our players will not be confused... Dear Players, We would like to inform everyone that all game accounts will be reset and wiped at the end of 1 April 2016. This is to curb the increase in botting recently. We apologize for the inconvenience. To prove you are not a bot and to save your account from this wipe, please log in any time today, 1 April 2016, and press Alt + F4 in port. If you are successful. You will get a system message saying that your account will be saved from the reset. Again we apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please do let us know. Thank you very much.
  9. Conan

    AniManga Chat :E

    BTW I only noticed now one of the tags in this thread...
  10. Conan

    AniManga Chat :E

    This thread has been reinstated. Please keep it clean.
  11. Conan

    deleting post

    Players are not allowed to delete posts. Even WG staff, except in very specific circumstances, are not allowed to delete posts. If you want your own post closed, you can request a staff member or a moderator for its closure.
  12. Hello Captains, With Team Battles now in full swing, we have provided everyone with a Search for Teams Official Chat Channel in Port and we have a Team Battles! forum section for your use. We hope that with these forms of communication, you will be able to find that team that you can work with the best. Thank you for your continued support of World of Warships! ACTION STATIONS
  13. Conan

    AniManga Chat :E

    This Thread is temporarily closed pending an investigation. I have received conflicting reports about this thread are it is in the forum's best interest that we halt this thread while we investigate whether it is still following the rules that govern this forum. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note: Forum goers are not allowed to do a AniManga Chat version 2 while this investigation is still under way.