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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm sure you have seen news about Public test 060, if not plz read it here One of the features for test is, new commander skills So let me share a bit of explanation of why we did it. What we didn’t like? 1. 5 levels of commander’s skills made for too long of an upgrade at the end, and it was hard to justify the usefulness of 5 points. 2. Different numbers of skills on different levels, and “way too deep upgrades” also reduced variability - for each ship / type, in many cases, there was only one optimal combination. This negated the purpose of the skills – together with upgrades, they allow players to fine-tune the ship for individual styles of play. 3. In the current version of the game, there was an imbalance of certain skills in either cost or effectiveness. 4. There were only a few skills suited for aircraft carriers. 5. Current skill classification focused on the obvious – on the characteristics affected, not the style of the game. 6. There was a "practical" limit (18 points) and a "theoretical" one (19); after these, a commander’s development was completely unclear. How did we deal with these issues? 1. Now the maximum cost of a skill is 4 points. The maximum number of points is 19; the speed of upgrading at the end was increased, and in the beginning – slightly reduced. This sets a smoother and more interesting tempo for upgrading a commander at all stages. 2. The number of skills increased, the matrix grew “in width”. As a result, we get a lot of interesting new combinations, and a far greater variability. 3. Many skills were changed for the better balance. For example, Preventive Maintenance – previously a very expensive skill with an unjustified-for-five-points effect was slightly weakened and moved to level 1 – now, the bonus looks more appealing, considering the new cost. Basics of Survivability and Basic Firing Training, on the other hand, were too powerful for the previous cost of 1 point (and therefore, uncontested) – they were moved to level 3 (and Basic Firing Training got an increased effect on AA defenses). 4. 2 specialized skills were added for aircraft carriers. 5. Classification was revised in terms of playing style. New skill groups — Endurance, Attack, Support, and Versatility — provide a better understanding of the purpose of the skills. 6. After receiving the 19th skill point (which in the new version has an adequate cost, and not the previous 9,999,999 XP), a Commander starts earning special, Elite Experience. It can be spent profitably: upgrading other commanders, quick retraining, or redistributing skills. What changes to gameplay should be expected? 1. There will be fewer universal skill sets in the game and far more specialized ones focused on a particular approach to a ship. For example, a battleship will be easier and more effectively upgraded for survivability of anti-torpedo armament, but to fit everything fully into one skill set will be difficult. 2. There will be specific skills, around which interesting tactics can be built. For example, Radio Position Finding will let destroyers and cruisers effectively specialize in fighting for points and hunting destroyers. Inertia Fuze for HE Shells motivates players to change firing HE shells from “throwing fire around” into aiming at weak points and doing direct damage. Adrenaline Rush will encourage the most aggressive play, and will provide an opportunity to emerge victorious from a complex combat situation - and so on. 3. With the release of this version, all players can reset their skills for free. Furthermore, new elite experience will allow continuing redistribution in the future, so that experimentation will not have to be paid for with doubloons. Any compensation? Sure, for your comfort there will be certain measures to make the readjustment process easier. The exact mechanics will be announced later. UPDATE Greetings, commanders! Please find additional detailed information for your convenience and better understanding of commander skills update. As always with test version, this may be changed.
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    Thank you for the questions, troll answers are being prepared
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    So as here are the troll answers to your serious questions: We've heard about German battleships and British cruisers. What future lines are planned for World of Warships? Before developing a new nation, we must polish the ones we have and which were already revealed Furthermore, where is WG St. Petersburg's progress on graphics enhancements (better wakes, better waves...). Akizuki class DD as a tier 8 premium? When will we see the German BBs? Go into game and press battle and you may see German BB in game wg has a plan to buff karshuhe . plzz i crying everydays because he was to weak ? , =((( just give some strengh dude ! Do not know about it but lets pray to devs will the North Carolina, Iowa and Montana get an accuracy buff? (all three) Just played against this ships, and everything seems to be ok with them. But if you need them to be buffed please pray to devs Since the ship practically represents the class, would there be decals or hulls that belonged to the entire class? For example the Iowa can stick pennant number "62" to its hull despite not being the ship that owned that or West Virginia as a Colorado hull? it was done in tanks long ago where the KV-1 and KV-2 were of a single tank entity. Maybe Clan will debut this year ? Do you really want them? All I know that they in development, and when I asked when – I received this look Will there be a special toolkit for mod game ? My question is "Which ships may join in futher ARP Events as current ARP ships're running out?" Can not share – top secret, or if I say Ninjas will kill me Akizuki class DD as a premium ship? When we can see her in game?? What's the development priority of implementing full anti-aliasing option selections to improve graphic visuals, and UI scaling for display resolutions greater than 1920x1080 to make text readable for high-end computers? Need to ask real developer, as soon as I find out I will let you know. Any chance of reviving the "region/server roaming" functionality that was trialed for World of Tanks many years ago, but ultimately cancelled due to various problems? For use in World of Warships, of course. Do not have even in plans right now, to many other things to concentrate on. When can we play night battle? Just switch of your monitor and you are in night mode, try to play just by sound J can you guys buff back Yuubari.. What’s been nerfed, can not be buffed (at least for now) My question is, are there any Royal Australian Navy ships being considered to be added into the game currently? Yes with a Koala Captain J When/will CVs get a rework (instead of just buffs/nerfs to certain nations). CVs are doing fine I'd like to know why Lesta decided to use their own packaging/archive system within the game files in res_packages instead of currently existing ones? Case they can J Shouldn't there be more tools and easier access for everyone with an already existing format? NO When will or any chance submarine will add to the game NO Will the secondary accuracy bug be fix? Yes will be fixed How did you do research into British ships? By contacting museums , digging through documentations and by doing many other things When does something similar to Clan Wars from WoT released? WHY U NO READ PREVIOUS QUESTIONS BEFORE ASKING Why you don't make a list report like WOT, I don't know what choice is fit with action teamkill, etc ? Case it is a different game J Just wondering whether the suggestion section here on the forum is taken seriously and could possible be monitored/changed/filtered/answered as there are some worthy suggestions there, with quite a few garbage ones, which could be answered with a simple move to sections of "under consideration", "not possible" and "are you serious" categories? Last one is a joke but many fall within it's boundaries. Yes it is taken seriously, our minions – community managers send us most interesting suggestions and we think of how and when it is possible and if possible at all to implement Have you considered doing mirror matching for DDs just like how CVs are currently matched against each other i.e. same tier matching, maximum 3 DDs per side (currently 2 CVs per side)? It is not going to solve the issue i know that they intent to keep the ship name all UpperCase for those that prefer lowercase name like us. can dev make official mod to make the name lowercase? i've been trying to mod it my self all this time.. Make a poll on forum (ask this question) and if you get 100 people to vote YES, I’ll pass it directly to Head of development There will be other Nation CV in this game, and that certainly will! my question is, how you guys differ their gameplay and differences?. Like in real life, Each CV was different for each nation Will there be new weather effect other than Cyclone? Need to ask our Shaman if he can call snow and lightning on this game
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    Greetings Commanders! По просьбам телезрителей Some of my followers asked me to come back to the forum, so I'm back If you have any game question, feel free to ask them in this thread. I will do my best to find the answer for you, unless it is classified First 20 question will be answered within this week, so be quick. How to ask question: Introduce yourself (ex Hobbit from Asgard, playing WoWS for 1 year) Be polite in your question, I'm very sensetive person, can ban you easily Ask 1 question in one post, Make sure the question is not very long and boring, as I may fall asleep while reading it. Question must be related to game. If you follow these simple rules, you will get your answer. The thread may be closed (temporary ) when I get first 20 questions, but do not worry it will be opened as the questions will be answered The thread may be closed (temporary ) when I get first 20 questions, but do not worry it will be opened as the questions will be answered PS. If you are from my cult, you can ask 2 questions in one post PPS: Some of my answers may be trolling
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