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  1. Hi Everyone Issue has been reported and will update all of you accordingly
  2. IronGuard

    [Reminder] Prohibited Logos

    Dear Commanders, Here is a reminder on our stance on prohibited logos which is posted from Tan from WOT and will be applicable to WOWS as well "Dear Players. Being an international gaming company, we strive to provide our players with a gaming environment which is free of controversial topics. One such topic is the Rising Sun flag and its related variants, and how and where they can be used within our gaming environment. Our stance on this topic has not altered, however to avoid any misunderstandings, please refer to the below guidelines and rulings which clarify some specific points. Communication platforms Within our forums and other communication platforms such as Facebook, wiki, etc the rising sun flag is permitted to be displayed for relevant topics. For example: Photographs of current Japanese Defence Ships & Historical Japanese Warships/Planes/Equipment/etc. Are all examples of situations where the rising sun is permitted within our environment. Additionally discussions making general reference to the rising sun flag are also permitted. However, political or nationalistic charged imagery or discussions on the Rising Sun,or associated variants, or any other Religious/Nationalistic/Political topics, are prohibited within our forums and other provided communication platforms. In Game Players wishing to alter In-game flags to use the "Japanese Rising Sun Flag", or any other alternative flag graphics (Client Side), may install any of the many player made addon "Additional/Replacement flags" mods which are freely available in the "Fanzone - Mods" section of our games forums. WOT Fan Zone / WOWS Game Modification Hub However use of the Rising Sun flag and associated variants, in game (Server Side), such as in the way of "In game clan logo's", are prohibited. With the above being said.. we look forward to continue to provide all players from all nations and cultures, a fantastic and fun gaming experience. For a full Ruleset please refer to Game Rules , Forum Rules , EULA & TOS Please note there has been no alteration to the ruling and our stance above. However there has been a need to provide some examples and make the existing rules a bit clearer.. Additionally with out continued expansion into more and more countries and associated languages, the above required translation and republishing into all of our supported languages."
  3. IronGuard

    Login Issue

    Servers are up
  4. IronGuard

    Login Issue

    Dear Players Do note that we are aware that players are unable to login to the game. We are currently looking into it and will provide updates when ready
  5. Greetings Captains In line with the launch of Clash of the Elements , we have released new forum signatures which you can use to show which team you are on! Water Elements Fire Elements if you want to know more about Clash of Elements click on the following link and watch the video below
  6. IronGuard

    [Server] Disconnections 28/2/17

    Issue should be resolved now.
  7. プレイヤーの皆様、 2017年02月28日深夜にサーバーから切断される現象が数回発生していたことを確認しており、現在、調査を行っております。 大変ご迷惑をおかけいたしますが、原因の究明及び修正まで今しばらくお待ちいただきますようお願い申し上げます。
  8. IronGuard

    [Server] Disconnections 28/2/17

    Guys we are still working on it, ill notify here once its stable again
  9. 各位指揮官: 我們已經注意到目前部分遊戲出現連線不穩的問題,我們的研發團隊正在排除問題,感謝各位的耐心等候。
  10. IronGuard

    [Server] Disconnections 28/2/17

    Hello Commanders, It's brought to our attention that there has been some server disconnection issues. Please be notified that our support teams are currently looking into it Thank you
  11. IronGuard

    Hot Fix 090916

    Greetings Captains! To address an high priority issue, a hot fix for sound issues will be released on 09/09/2016 at 10:00 UTC. Thank you for your understanding and patience. No downtime is required and the Patch size is 90 Mb. Action Stations!
  12. IronGuard

    Problem again with the Korean language support.

    Hi Sgt_Jjong . Please be patient as we are still looking into this issue. We will make an announcement once we get the confirmations.
  13. Good day, Commanders. Please take a moment to read this message, it’s actually quite important! We’re happy to inform you that we’ve taken another step in our struggle against unwanted exploiting of our game mechanics through client modifications and outright cheats. From today onwards, it might happen that a player you meet in battle will have his name written in the color brown. Those brown-colored players have been identified by us as using forbidden modifications, including aim assist mods. Making those cheaters visible to the community is one of three punishment layers. Players caught cheating by our system will turn to brown for a period between 24 and 48 hours and receive an email to the address linked to their game account. As long as a player is brown ALL of his damage, dealt both to allies and enemies, will be fully mirrored onto his ship (he will receive the same amount of damage as he deals). At the end of the brown color period, such a player will be banned from the game for 7 days. After this punishment is over, a cheater will be unbanned and receive amnesty. However, should a player be caught by the system a second time, the game ban applied to his account will become permanent. Please don’t ask us about the details of the system’s operation – we won’t tell. At this point, we would like to remind users that cheating is not cool . Verbal abuse in or outside the game is also not looked kindly upon. If you see a brown-colored player make sure to tell them they are not cool in a polite way, both in chat and on the forums. At the same time, if you’ve been using such modifications please stop now, before we turn you to brown colored too! If you encounter any issues you think are related to the operation of this system, please visit our Support Center! Action Stations!
  14. Streamers Wanted! You see them in Twitch.tv and Niconico all the time: players who stream their battles live while strangers and friends watch and comment. Part of the thrill of streaming is showing off your skills to the world and educating the rest on how World of Tanks should be played. Active streamers are some of the most popular and respected people in any community because of their willingness to share their insights about the game they love. If this interests you greatly, we're more than happy to accept you as a Contributing Streamer! What do I do as a Contributing Streamer? The answer is simple: stream any and all Wargaming titles! There is plenty of room to grow as a Contributing Streamer. Broadcast your games to the public no matter which one you play - if you're good, your viewership count will definitely grow. We'll sponsor some free gifts for you to hand out to loyal fans, too! Not only can you stream your normal battles at your own pace, you can also produce edited videos to show off some tips and tactics that you've discovered, or comment on each content patch as they arrive in the servers.You get your voice, and the community gets to listen. The possibilities are endless. How do I sign up? Registering as a Contributing Streamer is easy. please reply the post with the following particulars: If you are selected, we'll notify you via Forum PMs. Good luck
  15. IronGuard

    [Maintenance] Version

    Commanders, Please be notified that the World of Warships server will undergo a brief maintenance to deploy Version Maintenance Start: 08 July 2015 @ 05:00 UTC+8 Maintenance End: 08 July 2015 @ 06:30 UTC+8 Version features several minor bug fixes and improvements to the game. Release Notes Tier VI premium ship Warspite is removed from sale. Fixed error that caused incorrect display of premium resources in World of Tanks after logging into World of Warships in some cases.