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  2. HobartAWD

    I can't see the logic here...

    Apparently so. I have been told it is the crucial ingredient for making balans and bias work as intended in game.
  3. You complain something that can effectively counter Kremlin armor? I also demand WG to remove all OP ships like Stalingrad and Kremlin. I can't deal damage effectively to Kremlin using AP in Thunderer so my only choice is to use HE. Thunderer accuracy sure is better than most BB except Georgia and Ohio, that's why it got less guns to compensate it just like Georgia. You want Thunderer accuracy to get nerfed? Sure but increase the guns number to at least 9 guns. Regarding heal and maneuverability, sure let's replace the heal with normal heal and rudder shift like Conqueror, but in exchange make the armor at least somewhat can reliably tank damage like Yamato and not the current cruiser armor.
  4. HobartAWD

    XP in Aegis screwed up.

    I had basically the same experience. Had 2 games back to back in Izmail and then Molotov. Didn't pay attention to the numbers until end of the second run. For clarification, Aegis is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I have played hundreds of games in that op. It has paid for more than one free xp ship for me. I have 28 major contribution awards and 240 assistant awards all from aegis. I know what I am doing and I do it fairly well. Same goes for you Max. If something is messed up and out of the norm we can recognise it easily. Well after the second run I was looking at the post battle results......... and all the numbers were whack. Completely messed up. I know 100% I had extremely decent runs, nothing near my 383k record game, but for both I was bottom or second bottom of the scoreboard despite basically carrying both games as other players were unable or unwilling to shoot at the things that give us a 5 star win. Same as your experience it seemed like the results table was inverted. Who knows, but maybe it is a new system from WG where under-performing players are encouraged to keep playing by getting an "xp booster" applied to their score.
  5. Thyaliad

    World of Warships will never have...

    Yeah those are the more famous ones. The B-29s especially were a real pain for the Japanese later in the war, and part of the reason why the B-29 bombings of Japan were so effective was that there was little that could be done to stop them. The B-29s flew too high, too fast, were too well armoured and too heavily armed, and that's assuming they didn't have their own fighter escorts. For me, I am more of a bomber/heavy fighter kinda person, especially the twin-engined fighters with rear gunners. For that reason, I am looking forward to getting the Parseval because BF110s yay!
  6. Damage saturation. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Damage_Saturation When shooting a BB with HE have you noticed the part that is getting hit a lot will after a while become black? This area will take reduced damage from then on when it is hit. Torpedoes will encounter this same damage saturation mechanic when hitting a target if the hull has been already damaged saturated. I had a crazy game years ago where I hit another DD in my Kamikaze with 4 torps that hit all along the hull, and to my amazement 1 torp did like 1k damage and the other 3 did zero damage. I survived only due to a team mate in a cruiser being nearly and managing to find a way to kill this DD that had no right in being alive. I don't agree 100% with that way it works in practice but it is what we have. Seems to me in my experience with torpedoes, that it never ever works to save me but will always pop up and save a player who did something silly and should be punished so they learn to not do it again. Yet they will be rewarded by surviving. I know for 100% sure that I have NEVER been hit with a torp for zero damage.
  7. 23,400 vs 14,000 IT'S A JOKE WHAT THE JOKE FOR GZ 14,000
  8. for so no damn reason, Parseval is better AP bomber due to heal and speed compared to Hakuryu.... not to mention legit 7800x3 AP damage..... this AP nerf is not for balance, its for powercreeping with German CV. WG always have ulterior motive..... player that already happy with Hakuryu nerf now must dealing with German CV AP bomb and ITS TRULY DEVASTATING
  9. unknown_444_x

    게임용 간식을 공유해 주십시오!

    흰 쌀밥에 통조림참치를 한캔 넣고, 스위트칠리소스를 적당량 뿌립니다. 후추를 그라인더로 적당량 갈아넣으면 달고 기름진 간단한 간식이 됩니다.
  10. Today

    Zao (mid 2020)

    I would like to reset them all at zero like WIP Beta the game already to shit
  12. S4pp3R

    Zao (mid 2020)

    You would have to nerf most of the game to make Zao relevent again, I say that yet I love her. She needs: health, armour and/or reload. You could even go range as well... but I'd take reload over range

    Loosing in Chung Mu suddenly

    Focus on Co-Op and Scenario for freexp then take Yue Yang instead 13km should be enough

    Research Beeurrueau and Legendary Modules

  15. Some premium like my GZ have only few AP bomber and gonna to be garbage and sold for scrap AND no any of compensate I will protest no matter cost my account suspended You should sympathize her that if you know she was a shit you shouldn't introuduce her since 3 years ago But you will stubborn to get the crappy premium ship and player not pleased too You already a murderer to bully weaklings #JUSTICEFORGZ #BRINGBACKRTSCV

    World of Warships will never have...


    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Because AL never had Iowa and Hotel yet If they have them and best than KC I'm happy to quit my career
  18. Yesterday
  19. Aerroon

    Aerroon's Highlights in WOWS!

    I Really Like Massachusetts


    吃飯的時候吃飽吃滿,玩遊戲的時候誰會浪費時間準備食物?一坐5個小時就過去力。 也就擺一些零食隨時可以吃。 維他檸檬(大麻)可以喝,朱古力給大腦提供能量,香腸填肚,龍蝦片爽口,享受在港口安寧的片刻補充完成後繼續出擊(包括右邊的夏活) 曬食物的時候暴露自己的宅屬性,窩窩屎生活就完蛋了ナリー,對了,發出巨大的聲音掩蓋過去!
  21. misakaimoto_9982


    我玩游戲的時候喜歡吃鷄翅 來分享鷄翅的做法 1.鷄翅加入白酒,葱薑蒜去腥 2.加入鹽,糖,醬油,耗油,胡椒粉調味 3.用以上調料腌製2小時 4.加入一個鷄蛋,1:1的麵粉和澱粉攪拌成非牛頓流體 5.炸製5分鐘 炸鷄翅就做好啦
  22. Mechfori

    Zao (mid 2020)

    Well , humbly disagree, do nerf some if its providing the better balance , and do buff some likewise ; the question on hand though is OP's suggestion do nothing of the sort , will nerfing Venezia made Zao more playable , clearly not cause the issue is not Venezia vs Zao its Zao vs everybody else ... and AP bomb , well they do much sure , is them the only reason why Zao is pushed back to second line, back lane and unable to do anything for real ... clearly again its not ... I do agree Zao need buff, but so do almost majority of old tech tree ships so this really is not a Zao only issue , its quite wide ranged
  23. Sharr_Dextera

    World of Warships will never have...

    6. Iron Curtain for Soviet ships...
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  25. User_1145141919810

    Share Your Favorite Gaming Snacks with Us!

    My favorite recipe is the one invented by a famous food blogger Lao Ba.
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