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  2. Of course, I even work with someone who used to be one... I don't get the point though 😜
  3. I hope the tiny pic (no pun intended) is clear enough in conveying what this thread is about. I took this during one of my WOWS sessions two days ago. IIRC, I was in my Erich Lowenhardt
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  5. 我覺得可以不要怪RNG,我們把那些渙散的水兵換掉好了 各種喝醉酒的炮手,飛行員真的受夠了 或許可以提新機制,把不合格的水兵換掉,重新訓練好了
  6. PGM991

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    exactly, in current game that full of crap WG put in. Radar, Plane, SAP etc... meme style is way to go. either go 20km or 8km
  7. Fan of naval history? Get your fix in good company with our signature live talk show. Read it on the portal
  8. yeah joining in THIS PROTEST too... The reward used to be ONCE a day for the achievements... NOW NOT EVEN ONCE
  9. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Pb4y1o7vL?p=1&share_medium=android_i&share_plat=android&share_source=WHATSAPP&share_tag=s_i&timestamp=1624254777&unique_k=mSwPx7
  10. v.10.5.0 #09 (21-06-2021): - added detection icons: vito74m - updated OTM by BADoBEST [added customization menu in the battle] - updated clan icons
  11. 繼續動不動就當住 分房還是老樣子垃圾
  12. Despite Mainz probably did not get enough fanfare when she was released indeed, I recall Drakon commented back in September last year that the ship is actually "OP AF" that "even a potato can get decent results": she is free from the double burden of IFHE that usually cost light cruisers 4 commander skill points as well as half of their fire setting potential (which in turn makes the original anemic German HE shells the best fire-starter among their CL peers), thanks to the IFHE Rework she is capable to cause greater direct damage to USN battleships which some of the more popular higher-tier battleships belong to. In short she is competitive. The current "flavor" of higher-tiered German cruiser gameplay has already formed since Patch 0.6.6 (when 1/4 HE pen was introduced and 27-mm hull plating was introduced two patches earlier), a considerable time before the AL Collab. Then Roon has experienced a back-and-forth pattern of buffs and nerfs: main battery reload nerf at 0.7.6, unified hydro range parameters at 0.7.10, additional charge of repair party at 0.7.11, partial reversion of reload nerf and application of 1/4 HE pen on 105-mm secondaries at 0.8.6, increase of secondaries range at 0.10.0, not counting influences of commander skills. Take the following with a grain of salt as it consists of primarily subjective opinion.
  13. 錯開你們的進場時間,可以在港口等一下 極端一點就是加好友等確定他進戰鬥了你再進場
  14. powrepulse

    Aiming help sought

    No worries. Slowly getting the hang of it. May thanks for the tips. Much appreciated.
  15. 这个玩家一直在挂机,本来就已经在我的黑名单里,然后连续两局都有他,并且都在我的队伍里,这是什么机制?惩罚吗?
  16. Rina_Pon

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    And planes. Don't forget planes. And BBs camping out of reach in spawn. And, most recently, 3-4 DDs per side in high tier being fairly typical. Way too much chance of running into unpleasantness.
  17. I love that minimap render, that's awesome. I did something similar this afternoon, enemy had a huuuge hole in their lines, so I put myself through and intended to cause some havoc in their rear. All went well until, being a reformed smoker, I reached for my vape to have a sneaky puff and accidentally hit the fire button on my mouse. I was instantly detected and spent the next 8 mins of my life ducking and weaving, half their team came after me. I certainly created havoc, just not the sort I wanted. My team steamrolled them.
  18. LawrenceXVIII

    People you've encountered in-game

    Did @Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus just rush to commit suicide after i destroyed Skane?? You were chewed by both KGV and Nagato.
  19. Yeah that's what I think too. So in an ideal world everyone would have seen these notifications till they reach a certain point in their player progression by which point they would have had other indicators/things that educate them how the planes attack, etc etc. I'm semi-touching on this in an upcoming video (hopefully) on Scenarios... Basically my argument is how Scenarios should be supported, expanded and integrated properly into the player progression system. They should be there to reinforce and teach good fundamental/intermediate skills. We'll see if I get the script working (it's a few down the line atm). WoWS lacks good education systems and it's unlikely that WG will implement any solid ones soon so why not expand and better integrate an existing mode that's perfect for it? Anyways I digress. Yeah well tone isn't my strong point, I rarely mean things in a negative context but often they are assumed to be so, just wanted to be sure! 99% sure they haven't, considering the sorts of questions that frequently get asked. That's a good point, I didn't even think of that. Yeah I wasn't so much thinking about the beeps but the indicator that appears on screen... ... Change the HUD indicator colour or something was my thinking (for allied torps). Yeah definitely want the audio cue. Both would be even better. Ah man... This discussion gets me frustrated; WoWS has so much potential, even to this day... IMO WG spends so much time on pumping out new lines and such that they haven't spent enough time improving the core UX in positive ways. They've made many changes but a lot of them have been barely positive or missed opportunities... ... ... I like these sort of discussions, it helps keep my wits sharp, (or half of them... ... get it?) --- it was a play on 'half-wit'; don't worry I'll see myself out...
  20. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    Thats a really good point, if CV able to participate more in CAP it could help to protect its fleet in more wider range, I am ok with rocket plane to be remove from the game in exchange for controllable CAP
  21. Thyaliad

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    F3 is the name of the fast torps. The fast torps are mostly a meme because 8km range puts you in great danger of radar. Majority of people use the 12km torps. With that said they can be very powerful if the player is good and the conditions are right, such as little or no radar.
  22. iDd_Sloth

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    Ok ... I'm oblivious to what F3 means. Those were some really nice torp strikes. I'm not DD guru but on a Shima the fast torps are the way to go for a shima or is this just a meme?
  23. MatroseFuchs

    [ALL] Dusk Battle Mod Project

  24. FatFluffyPenguin

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    Btw, if you lads have any particular ideas/ships/concepts you want me to meme, I am open to ideas as well as advice about how I could improve the videos :3
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