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  2. fingon1980

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    Whaaaaa??? How does your AA reduce the planes attack damage?? It does not. all it can do is destroy planes. It does not reduce your accuracy (like it used to, before the re-work), only you moving does that. But if the AA is that crap that it is not shooting down panes, either because they are dodging the flak puffs and the reduced continuous AA damage, or they are doing that sling shot attack, that teleports the planes through my AA, I'm not shooting down any planes am I. The defensive AA skill should reduce you accuracy, whilst doing more damage, currently it does not. And yeah pretty sure AA was used to shoot down planes, not their bombs or missiles.Not sure what ahistorical drug your smoking there. Sure if they did not have a teleport home key, or just do a 'fake' drop to reduce your planes before attacking, your argument would work, but that is how good CV players are getting around that. I don't have an issue with that, as if AA and defensive fire did a good enough job them there would not be that problem. I mean i could be wrong, but defensive AA doesn't seem to bother my aiming reticule a but when I dive-bomb my planes, so not affecting accuracy. If carrier planes can go through a group of ships without much damage, there is a problem. Also Tier VIII AA is fine vs Tier VIII planes, but Midway and even Hakuryu seem to not give two shits. Always been the case but with planes being to do up to three runs now, you really notice the AA doing nothing.
  3. Grygus_Triss

    [ichase] even he.........

    Yes, because I always burst into fire when a bird shits on me.
  4. RalphTheTheatreCat


    Some ships just don't suit some players. Its ballistics really go down the toilet at max range so it does take some practice.
  5. I would recommend Harugumo, USN, Grozovoi line. I find Daring a bit awkward to play since she is big in size so i stopped at Jutland
  6. wargaming,您好 玩這個遊戲已經有半年了,付出的金錢和時間也不少,很好的遊戲! 但是,我有意見,為什麼要把CV調整的越來越弱? 聽說0.84要降低CV的速度還要移除白龍的4魚雷飛機,這不公平。我就是為了這些才去爬航母科技線的。削弱了,對我們玩家來說不公平而且日本飛機耐久太低了,沒有高速度,我們要沒有辦法操作,我們是普通玩家,操作沒那麼優秀!就現在的設定已經把造成很大的飛機損失率了!不能在削弱了! wargaming,您好 玩這個遊戲已經有半年了,付出的金錢和時間也不少,很好的遊戲! 但是,我有意見,為什麼要把CV調整的越來越弱? 聽說0.84要降低CV的速度還要移除白龍的4魚雷飛機,這不公平。我就是為了這些才去爬航母科技線的。削弱了,對我們玩家來說不公平 而且日本飛機耐久太低了,沒有高速度,我們要沒有辦法操作,我們是普通玩家,操作沒那麼優秀!就現在的設定已經把造成很大的飛機損失率了!不能在削弱了!
  7. 특수함장의 능력의 경우 여기서 설정해주셔야합니다
  8. PunishedKAsual

    谁知道英国Duke of York 7级主力舰的数据

    所有艦船的數據都可以在Wiki 查閱 請留意頁面列舉的數據並不考量額外升級/艦長技能加成 http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Duke_of_York
  9. Today
  10. T10 DM and Zao are different beasts compared to the rest of their tech tree. Zao finally has decent range that T7-9 IJN CAs are sorely lacking, plus with her legendary accuracy and nimbleness is a good long range ship. Plus you have nasty torpedoes for those close up situations. DM has RoF and bow tankiness, combined with her legendary makes her a legend. Your choice of DD lines is good. IJN gunboats are good value although they suffer from poorish concealment and unresponsive rudders. RN line is versatility and "defence". PAN line peaks at ChungMu since YY got nerfed to kingdom come. Z-52 from what I hear from owners of them looks like it has been powercrept.
  11. No. The number of servers running should be based on peak load. Server capacity should be sufficient to cater for peak hours. And there lies the fallacy of the "waiting time" argument: At peak hours, you should be able to easily find a match within your two tiers. Where waiting times really will be longer are off peak where there are not enough players. As I have said before, they have implemented so many "soft caps" that implementing one for waiting time > 2minutes to play +/- 2 MM is a non-issue. I still call the lack of implementation: "Lazy to program" until proven otherwise.
  12. 朋友 不是你说的啊 我说的这艘船 是一艘金币船哦 带有水侦的战列舰 还请有此船的朋友发个全数据哈 谢谢了!!!
  13. So then the cost would go up. Hmm either way it's in WG court and us not knowing how much moolah they make we can't say if it'd be too expensive or not. I for one wouldn't mind a trial of your idea.
  14. Nice post. Can you tell me which lines are outdated so I can pause going down the line until they get a buff. i have Yamato Hindenberg and audacious. At T9 I have Seattle and ibuki. DDs I’m interested in RN and Harugumo line.
  15. 难道这就是传说中的无能狂怒么... 为什么砍,还不是有人整天在喊这个太强那个太强,WG有什么办法? 倾听玩家意见,好的您说强,那我们test 一下砍一下, 满足了你们的愿望,砍了,又开始喷WG所谓“无耻骗氪”。 觉得哪条线被砍废了,那就不玩这条就好了啊, 两年1800多场,就玩过102场X级船, 你真的完全体验过这个游戏了么,就算有可能您是卖掉了main account 买小号回坑的玩家,您这种言论,也是不健康的,是病态的。 我们学游戏设计都懂得一个理论,游戏平衡性永远无法满足所有玩家的需求。 WG在尽力改了,你不满意,不代表所有人不满意。 游戏公司愿意做出改变,就是一种负责的行为 不要用无知的泄怒来抹黑游戏工作者。
  16. appoclyse

    Asian teamwork potential

    so I shouldn't be complain ? when you see the team like that, you wont complain ? I dare said bravo to your spirit buddy.
  17. appoclyse


    Maybe it's just my play style and hardly aim from Spotting perspective that give me hard time to adjust aim so it just me tacking the ship. I never said I hate it but it annoying when running away and keep them not shooting my beautiful ship ( it just my luck but got tackle 2 cit is "always fun" )
  18. 既然官方给出了回报单机制,为什么不去回报呢,偏偏要无能狂怒。 为什么就能一口咬定人家就是外挂呢?这是个怎样的心态? 谁都有走位失误的时候,谁也都有秒杀对面的时候,玩的好就要被说成外挂么? 凡事要讲证据,没有evidence是不成立的。
  19. Blast_Radius1

    Asian teamwork potential

    Take your car to a mechanic, shout, "Fix my car you damned noob!", and see what happens. Hint; you won't get your car fixed, is my bet. Just be grateful you don't get a punch in the face every time you insult somebody online.
  20. 新アカウントへの移行の目的がはっきりしないので、そこをより詳しく説明しないと運営に措置を取ってもらうのは難しいと思います。 文章を読んだところ ・追いかけ回してる人達から逃れたい ・今までのイメージを払拭したい の2つが主な目的であるように感じました。しかし、運営の立場からすれば ・追いかけ回してる人達から逃れたい←アカウント名の変更やチャットのブロック機能を用いればいいのではないか ・イメージを払拭←なぜアカウント移行に繋がるのか、イメージとは?善行とは? というように考えてしまうでしょう。もしかしたら適当な理由を並べて、本当は以前のエイムアシストやban等の記録を抹消することが目的かもしれないという疑いや、投稿主さんにアカウント移行の措置を施したことで、前例ができ、ほかの悪い履歴がある人へのアカウント移行をも許可しなければならないという危惧も運営にはあったでしょうし、だからこそ一度運営はアカウント移行を断ったのだと思います。 そもそもwowsとは艦艇でpvpの対戦をするためのゲームであり、プレイヤー間のいざこざは運営の保証対象外でしょうね。 もし本当に上記2点の改善を望まれるとして、はっきり言うとwowsではなくTwitterに問題があると思います。粘着するというのも昔のイメージも善行も、ほとんどはTwitter上の話ではないですか? 単刀直入にtwitterのアカウントを別の名で、別の名前でなさったら、wowsのアカウント移行よりも数段効果があると思いますよ。
  21. 機器人外掛其實應該很好查,只要去戰績資料庫搜尋,勝率在40%左右,持續30天每天可以玩個50場以上,這種帳號通常是很大問題的!! 不過就算封了這人某個帳號,他只要再開一個新帳號,用機器人玩很快又一堆經驗了。
  22. 賛成です。 前の環境だと、空母MMは滅多にないのであまり影響がありませんでしたが。 今はほぼ毎回空母MMですからね。 せっかく強力なソナーがあっても使えないのであれば意味がありませんし。
  23. ChoiYeNa_

    Better Looking Henry IV Premium Camoflage

    Her MS 22 looking perma camo should be given to Des moines or Montana..
  24. takumin0128


    相手クランの人数が大体同じでないと数の暴力で負けは必然ですしね いいと思います これはクラン内で通知を徹底するべきだと思いますよ? うちのクランではこのように毎週告知しており、毎回100以上の★を獲得しています。
  25. 游戏内举报其实没什么作用。。。脚本发帖反应很久了。包括日本聊天版那里也都说了。。。但是官方就复制粘贴回复。。很无奈。说查杀需要时间。。
  26. messioh

    劇情任務有很難​🐴 ?

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