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  2. Borgar

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    The most loved and meme map "two brothers" getting enhancement is something I really dig into.
  3. Grygus_Triss

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    13 and nothing.
  4. What are dese ships and how do I get dem? Italian Boxes? No ships in here.
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  6. I would rather say buff the SAP by improving the penetration angles. The whole "SAP thing was created specially to be a pizza gimmick", so why don't buff that gimmick instead. We have arrived at this situation because "every line needs their own gimmick". Well, sorry to all those who want "unique lines" but in reality, there is only so much gimmickery available.
  7. Son__defender

    Summon Fighters consumable for tier 4 aircraft carriers

    I don't even think T4 CV is crap
  8. Son__defender

    Summon Fighters consumable for tier 4 aircraft carriers

    Wargame: We are happy for the current changes and we don't think we need anymore changes later on. all the CV is not overpower, the one which is overpower before is nerf to hell (Graf zeppelin), enterprise is under power show need buffs later (GG wargame i am going to instant leave game when i see CV, especially when i see enterprise) KawaiiShirakami new CV player should be more forgiving so other player should take more punishment by CV, It is non scenes. If you need people to learn how to play CV you need to take enough punishment if they being potato. Even T5 ships AA is not able to make enough punishment to T4 CVs, so how can it help new players not being potato in high tier game play. Furthermore, as it is easy to play T4 CV therefore every people are play low tier CV. We can see like so many low tier MM with 3 CV in game. So what is the point of not nerf low tier CV as they are over flood in low tier MM?
  9. KawaiiShirakami

    Summon Fighters consumable for tier 4 aircraft carriers

    Even I have crap stats in Hosho, so its kinda balanced.
  10. KawaiiShirakami

    Summon Fighters consumable for tier 4 aircraft carriers

    Tier 4 CVs are mainly for new CV players to practice dropping and learn the very basics of CV game play. They're not really meant for team play and thus it not having a fighter squadron consumable. Unlike Tier 6 CV MM where you can get a double CV game with a Tier 8 CV, fighters are a good way to contribute and help teammates while being bottom tiered. But for Tier 4 CV MM, there really isn't any way you get Tier 6 Matchmaking unless you purposely fail div a 45/455 and get Tier 6-7 MM in you Tier 4 carrier. Maximum tier matchmaking for Tier 4 CVs are Tier 5 ships, and considering the planes for Tier 4 CVs are considerably weak for its tier. So personally I don't think Tier 4 CVs should have a consumable for Fighters. TL;DR, T4 CVs are the beginning of the branch and for the new players to learn how to strike, not having so much more responsibility in-game.
  11. MatterCore

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    wad da toxic missions make it simple 2M damage with any type
  12. イタリアアークのパート 2 であるアップデート 0.8.10 の公開テストを開始します。新たなコレクション、ランク戦シーズン、その他の多くの変更点をご用意しました! ポータルで読む
  13. 두 번째 이탈리아 특별 업데이트인 0.8.10 업데이트에서는 새로운 컬렉션, 랭크 전투 등 콘텐츠가 준비되어 있습니다! 포털에서 확인
  14. TheURLguy

    開發日誌:0.8.10 版更新

    有關義大利的更新的第二部分將於 0.8.10 版本更新公開測試中展開。我們準備了一套新的收藏、排名戰新賽季,還有更多! 在官網上閱讀
  15. 艦長の皆さん、アップデート 0.8.10 の公開テストにようこそ! ポータルで読む
  16. 0.8.10 版本更新公開測試:第 2 回合 在官網上閱讀
  17. Commanders, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.8.10! Read it on the portal
  18. TheURLguy

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    The second part of the Italian arc is set to kick off on the Update 0.8.10 Public Test server. We've prepared a new collection, Ranked Battles Season, and many other things for you! Read it on the portal
  19. It's true that summon fighter consumable for tier 4 CVs was tested in test server before the CV rework went live but this idea was somehow scrapped.
  20. In update 0.8.9, tier 4 IJN CV Hosho has received two nerfs for being too overpowered against low tier ships. Hosho was able to attack using two 50 knots torpedoes (55 knots with Torpedo Acceleration commander skill) per strike run against low tier ships that are lacking of AA and having bad maneuverability. Skilled and experienced CV players abused this ability to sealclub new players with the excuse of grinding for Research Bureau thus giving horrible experience to those who still do not know how to evade the fast torpedoes. Even DDs with decent maneuverability could be easily torpedoed by such fast torpedoes. This could make them rage quit the game. Therefore, the recent nerfs on Hosho is quite necessary to overcome this problem. However, some decent CV players manage to adapt to this change and dominate other players especially in tier 3-4 matches. The lack of fighter cover causes ships to be easily attacked by aircrafts. In low tier, patrol fighters are only available on CV and a few CL such as Kuma with that of the former are automated. Unlike CV of tier 6 and above, tier 4 CV are not provided with summon fighters consumable. This makes the Provide AA fire support command useless because CV players cannot summon fighters to prevent enemy CV from attacking their teammates. Therefore, I would humbly suggest the provision of summon fighters consumable for all tier 4 CV. New CV players can learn to use this summon fighters consumable to protect themselves and allied ships such as DD capping a zone from hostile aircraft attacks. They can also learn how to avoid the area of hostile summon fighters by flying their squadron outside of the denial zone. It is true that summon fighters consumable is not fully effective in warding off enemy planes like the pre-CV rework strafing fighters. Still, this idea should be implemented for temporary protection against enemy air strikes. Thank you for reading my suggestion. Hopefully any Wargaming staff would read this post and consider the implementation.
  21. I think they should un-nerf their last minute change in the Italian cruiser. Also, it feels like Italian cruisers are ment to do side swipe attacks rather than our usual thrust attacks. Side flanking. Some what british-ish but the shells bounces way more often compared to the british cruiser. At least thats what I feel. Japan's gameplay is a mix of samurai (good guns) and ninja (stealth torp). They have strong on attacks and they have the speed to match, but they don't carry much armor (Just like the Zero's). But, yeah, German buff.
  22. Project45_Opytny

    Italian cruisers opinions - Concealment buff needed

    Japanese ships also suffered powercreep, though maybe not so serious compared with the Germans.
  23. Except for Japan?
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