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  2. As the name suggests, what is the trick here? If I am lucky I light a single fire in a game with the Lion or Conqueror yet I am consistently lit on fire by everything. I will concede that if you look at my ratios I am not a great player by any stretch, I get frustrated and bored of sitting back and sniping. Yet I don't ever seem to be able to get fires going like the opposition so it doesn't exactly encourage me to try harder. Do I need one of the specific commander skills or something? Aiming at the wrong place? Time to just delete the game and move on to anything else?
  3. Ignis Purgatio: The emperor protects! Ragnarok: Blood for the blood god! CV: Screw your loser emperor and puny god, You have no power here.... (Both of them has week AA defense, Will easily been wreaked by aircraft carriers)
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  5. TD1

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I see Azur Lane Devs are also a man of culture, hehehe I got everyone except Talinn (who I got earlier today by using 8k points) on the first day, while Gromky is 1,5k points away, so maximum two days before I can get her. Aaaannyyyway, here's my short review of Russian botes released so far in terms of waifuness (so not much on performance) -Murmansk: Holy fluffy clothes, she looks comfortable in them. Rather attractive, too, especially dem thighs in the lingerie skin -Kirov: KIROV REPORTING. Memes aside, 180mm guns (sadly there's no gold version yet for me), has Gangut's "revolutionary" streak, good lingerie skin (who knew she was also a barista?!?), and a memory to me as well since she's one of the first ships in WOWS that I was any good at. -Talinn: Comrade Hipper/Eugen, and another source of frustration for Hipper since she has more of a chestline than the latter. I noticed she can take both CL and CA guns too. Her lingerie skin ranks among my favorites. Soviet Belarussia: HOLY SIRENS ABOVE I LOVE THE BLUE HAIR, it just makes her look soooo much cooler. Really nice body which the lingerie skin shows off rather nicely (thanks, Lucky Bag, you gave me one of my four favorite skins for this event) too. I just haven't leveled her up enough to be using her often (not to mention no LBs), otherwise I'd do it all the time. -Gremyaschy: Kapitan_Greythorn of Yuroslavia must be happy, this is among his favorite ships. Again, haven't looked into her much more than that or her lingerie skin. -Gromky: Haven't got her yet, but when I saw her skin I was like "Radar lock, BREAK, BREAK, BREAK" (imitating a fighter pilot). My favorite skins for this event: Sovetskaya Belorussia's (holy thiccness), Kirov (nearly the same reason, also being a barista in this skin, since one of my friends in University is also a barista), Chapayev (already a sexy bote, she got sexier thanks to this skin, and I hope they give this skin a unique voiceset), and Talinn (She's bringing out her inner Eugen in this skin).
  6. TT113


    As I learnt from you that we are just playing under the random for luckiness, perhaps it's some kind of difficult game. The one who destinated to be a real loser if he makes it seriously. Ha ha.
  7. S0und_Theif

    Which T10 should I go for next? [DONE... for now]

    Nice. Congratz.
  8. Aaaaaand it's done. Phew!
  9. 근시일내에 실제 해전을 배경으로 한 전투모드가 테스트됩니다. "추축 vs 연합" 전투에서는 여러분은 실제로 존재한 함선만 이용할 수 있으며, 함선의 국가에 따라 팀이 결정됩니다.. 규칙 - 유저가 선택한 함선에 따라 팀 선택 - 추축 : 이탈리아, 독일, 일본 - 연합 : 미국, 영국, 프랑스, 소련, 유럽, 범아시아 전투는 12v12 포맷으로 8티어 함선과 함께 진행됩니다. 실제로 건조되었던 함선과 함께 인게임 콜라보 함선으로만 플레이 가능합니다 (블랙, ARP, AL 등) 가능한 함선 추축 연합 여러분은 전대로 해당 모드를 참가할 수 있으나, 전대원 모두 동일한 팀의 국가를 골라야 합니다. 모든 함종이 대칭되진 않으나, 항공모함만큼은 제한적으로 대칭될예정이며, 각 함종별 차이는 1대이하입니다. 만약 첫 유저의 대기시간이 3분을 넘어가게 된다면 개선된 함장스킬, 위장, 깃발이 적용된 개선된 AI가 참가하게 됩니다.
  10. SEAHORSE777


    We know how you feel the game will take more than a year to master To learn to read what the players move will be And what ship can do what I have more bad games then good ones But my bad is someone's GOOD. Today i got a KRAKEN METAL almost two for about an hour and a half the players were easy to pic off Then three hours later i played again and it was like the expert players started playing it was very hard just to survive anyway good luck to you and hope to see you on the high seas
  11. S0und_Theif

    Worst of the bots

    This is the result of not permanently banning bots in the game. Not only it gives false population numbers, but it also corrupts the spreadsheet data that WG so belovedly collects and worship. Not to mention players who have encountered them, probably have left the game with negative reviews and impression to the game. And probably will never recommend the game. It's another game with EA level of money grab, while also infested with bots (scripted). Word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement compared to any form of advertisement you see in TV, social media, stream, etc. Oh and the person who said "Dude, making a good rule is like 5% of work and enforcing it under legal terms is 95%" and "it's 2020, you can't perma ban ppl left and right." just made everything worse for the game.
  12. Reinhard_of_Avercland

    New Visual of AA is AWESOME! (Heavy Gif warning)

    Oddly enough, it will be easier to know when a ship is using the DefAA. I mean now the only way to figure it out is to look at the flak bursts, which would have been too late to withdraw the squadrons without losing some planes. But with the new visual, it can be figured out by looking at the shell tracer which appear before the flak bursts. Incoming DefAA-baiting strat MK2: Electric Boogaloo
  13. smoothsac

    New Visual of AA is AWESOME! (Heavy Gif warning)

    It is a good looking game, now just get the balance right please...
  14. smoothsac

    This Spud

    This spud has just had 2 of my best games in my recently acquired Shima, both games finished top with over 180k in each. Been playing ranked since it started as I find so much more enjoyable, mainly because the lack of CVs. But jumped onto random and boom, there’s still life in this nearly 52 year old gamer yet.
  15. Onlinegamer

    New Visual of AA is AWESOME! (Heavy Gif warning)

    stop bitcoin! GPU is getting expensive more and more
  16. S0und_Theif

    More Warhammer Commanders?

    It means that you may get 2 or more of the same captain. You don't get other captains or get compensated if you get the same captain. Unlike ships where duplicates gets compensated, captains don't have this mechanic. You get 2 or more of the same captains. Captains from Warhammer, Transformers, Arpeggio, Azur Lane, Hololive, Twitch, etc I got 2 Jingles, 3 Rumble, and 2 ARP Kirishima captains. You can dismiss them if you have too many of the same captain. 🙂
  17. IJN_Katori

    New Visual of AA is AWESOME! (Heavy Gif warning)

    Rest in Peace.
  18. LawrenceXVIII

    Worst of the bots

    Hello Whale Captains! Today , we have taken measure to 0 accounts for violated accounts . We will continue not to monitor the results for worst player experiences. Thank you and hope to see you out paying our stuffs on the High Seas! The World of Moneyships Team
  19. Mechfori

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    this is going to be mighty difficult to balance, what about CV, there is practically no AA ship that's even remotely be said to be capable on Axis roster, then the gimmicks, how do you balance Royal Navy CL ( AP only ) vs Italian CA ( SAP which can wreck havoc on any light armored ship ) per say a Mediterranean setting. Even if we talk mixed fleet , simply put the Allied side are provided with too many when the Axis side is solely lacking ... And Class by Class , its even more acute a difference made .
  20. TT113


    我也有這樣的體驗,感覺和想法!為什麼呢? 也很希望請相反遭遇和感想的一方出來講講,分享一下。
  21. _Noob_CV_


    跑到敵人臉上送都有分數的,偵察防空潛在以及小概率的主炮副炮命中。 這局家裏的Lion開局就往上冲被洗死,對面Richelieu才是完全不動完全AFK狀態的。 這局家裏的Lion之前在別的場上見過,在之前場上是完全不動狀態,但是這局是直接冲被洗死。 出現完全不動這種情況應該是脚本使用自動導航的模塊加載失敗,導致完全不會動,只會射擊射程内的敵方艦艇。 在這場戰鬥中我方的脚本Lion功能正常工作,但是敵方Richelieu的脚本功能出現異常。 0經驗還殺隊友的,我覺得很有可能是真人玩家惡意TK變粉然後吃反傷死。
  22. Project45_Opytny

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    Well, wait for the next HSF collaboration event (it is likely that there will be one judging from a WiP test ship that depicts a Kagero-class destroyer armed with German 150-mm guns, whose configuration has also appeared in the anime). Last time everyone can get a HSF collection container from a simple personal combat mission that can be obtained from the official website page.
  23. zergling_

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    You don't have to play tier 10 though.. you can play any tier you consider fun. I dont play random battle tier 10 regularly either. Probably back when unique upgrades can be had from mission. But now, no. Ranked probably, but this only for select ships. I found my Tier 10 tech tree ships are only for trophy.. tokens of how much time I spent in the game ...oh and also to get free SC during WG anniversary event (I hope WG won't nerf this)
  24. 我覺得你説的很有道理,也贊同你的説法。 有一些設定確實應該改變了。
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