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  2. Finished the 1.6k xp last saturday. How? Glorious flamethrower komrad Shchors rescued me when I was on the brink of giving up (and did the remaining ones while also on shchors)
  3. I seriously think the number of super containers diminishes, with the more premium ships you own.... Since I own a lot of premium ships, I hardly get super contaibers at all, I think I have only gotten 4 (?), the last 2 being some doubloons, & empty port slots (yay - not )  Ordrazz
  4. I just like the look of Oaklahona better personally, IMHO Nevada looks ugly & too similar looking to Alabama/Nth Carolina...... Unless we could have both hulls.... Ordrazz
  5. Exactly my point. 1.5k+ games usually means a long lasting and contesting games, which in my opinion aren't that common. It's not like players are bad, its just that you can't get high exp in fast games that often.
  6. Yeah I know right? I mean I just had a match where the game ended too fast because we steamrolled the enemy a bit too hard. Was nowhere close to 1.6k... Seeing other people's games, it looks like I have been doing it wrong. The right way was to sealclub at the lower tiers.
  7. This is what I meant....
  8. my 2nd account stage 1 Leander Stage 2 Nurnberg Stage 3 V170 error 401 Soviet ships not found
  9. does it matter that much? take a look at this screenshot of a game that was played about a week ago. matching system unfair to me too..for the other team even worse. just do your best, it's just a game..of course not everyone will win or lose all the time. lol.
  10. another overcensored A***taka like I***zuchi what do u think WG ASIA?
  11. I feel you bro, I am stuck at Minekaze and Mutsuki for over a year now.
  12. Gotta love the name of the newest Japanese BB.
  13. Similar to Pepsicola / Julius Caesar, but unique guns set 2x2 2x3; too many 4x3
  14. Moskva and DM still best rivalry although DM still weak in term of health pool
  15. I used Clemson To make it a bit more fair for the enemy team, I used a 3 point captain instead of the original 19 point one. (I hope @Adm_Kunkka doesn't get mad!)
  16. There is no other way I didn't was a tanker
  17. In CB, you cannot really get very close with a BB, so the only advantage of GK is nullified. Besides, Montana has the most broadside firepower while maintaining angle with greater accuracy. There are other little bonuses, like better maneuverability than both Yamato and GK. If you use proper captain you get very fast traversing turrets. Also, provides best concealment out of the mentioned three here. She is very well protected against enemy high caliber guns. Not to forget the USN DCP immunity time. Even in random battles, not counting Conqueror, Montana and GK are toe-to-toe in terms of best battleship. They can do everything better than Yamato, except the lolpens which is overrated anyway.
  18. Indeed it is hard to win the 1v1 fight in IJN dd,especially T10,shimakaze almost has no chance to previal Gearing,Z52 and khabarovsk( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),just try to avoid 1v1 dd fight if you're not akizuki nor confident in torp skill
  19. I believe it to be a good start to an idea that could be developed, as there are too many stupid CV players out there, & they are matched up against better players, who absolutely dice them.. If they were forced to do some training, & practicing in co op mode for a period, then they would actually learn the basics, instead of jumping straight in without any idea of how to operate... Ordrazz
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  21. 別に雷速の早い魚雷が欲しいわけじゃないですよ 低速の魚雷にも仕事があります、それが盤面の面制圧の向上です 欲を言うならば、史実の魚雷の性能を模して低速に僅かな変更がほしいです 低速モード:射程が僅かに延びて、発見距離が僅かに縮む(射程+1km、発見距離-0.1km) まとめると 【低速モード: 速力 -3ノット  / 射程+1km / 発見距離-0.1km】 【 高速モード:従来のまま 】 これだけで大分変わります 第2案が 【低速モード: 速力 -3ノット  / 射程+1.5km 】 【 高速モード:従来のまま 】 早い魚雷が強いと思われがちですが、遅い魚雷も非常に厄介です これくらいならデフォルトの魚雷との性能との呵責もほぼありません ですが、上位になるとこの差で競う場面が多々あると私はハッキリと断言いたします
  22. 正直日駆魚雷にはもうちょっと何かほしいと思ってたのでこれには賛成(過去ログ遡ってみたがkonozama氏の提案には俺賛成しかしてねえな?) 日駆は魚雷戦能力が特徴などと言うのであれば、他国駆逐にはできないこういった変化球を是非実装していただきたいですねぇ
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