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  2. I used to pick the spider web one, but then I found the dynamic one to be more comfortable to use
  3. Do consider looking st the date before posting.
  4. Please elaborate on how it looks like a shy loli
  5. 어..저는 궁금했던게 이거 이기면 점수 얻는거였어요? 이겨도 1~3위권 이내만 점수 되는거 아니었나요? 뭐 그런다고 해도 달라질건 없겠지만, 좀 허무하기도 하고..; 영순 타기 빡센데 휙휙 던지고 다른배 타고 이런식으로 해서 점수 쌓는거였으면 제가 모르긴 몰라도 진작에 점수 상위권까지 치고 올라갔을지도 모르죠.. 좀 그러네요..
  6. Looks kinda like a shy loli saying "Please lewd love me"
  7. Like I said, SC is a big "You might get a ship so play everyday!" kind of bait by WG. Something that a lot of folks bite sadly. The reality is far from it. Only a handful of people every actually get anything decent.
  8. lol but that cluster of AAs in a heart shape combine with the racks turn out like a person
  9. 100th battle in the Scharnhorst, my first battleship and first premium to 100.  5th ship overall.

  10. I go for 7, easier to aim when using spotter aircraft, and at longer distances against angled ships.
  11. Just got this today, 1st SC in three months and I get Damage control mod 1, sounds good on paper but you have to either give up Rudder shift to get it..... yeah nah. I don't see how 2-8 more seconds fire immunity will help you compared to rudder or propulsion. Kinda dissapointed now :,(
  12. that is the point, WG dont want overpopulation at T10 and the way they clear the crop is by having high maintance costs that forces a player to either A: farm in a low tier(prem), B use premium account, C buy prem camp, or D, gid gud and preform well enough to break even
  13. Today
  14. This static one. Easy to aim, easy to recognize the numbers. This is all I need.
  15. I'm going to try breaking this down and see how it plays different roles compared to other ships. It's a pretty good little ship from what I see here. I have experience in the USS Sims and the Atlanta so I'll try and take some guesses and list some possible pros and cons. Pros + Can deal decent damage with those guns. (Sims with 4 guns can whittle down non-DDs with fires and superstructure pens pretty good already) + Atlanta-like AA means CV will have a hard time keeping you lighted up. You can surprise enemy planes that are attacking your teammates and UTTERLY DESTROY those planes Cons - Shit torps. Single torps means anything shot from range will only hit is the target doesn't WASD at all So basically an Atlanta with higher survivability in exchange for lower damage output. Better damage output than a Lo Yang, but Lo Yang gets hydro which tips the scale a lot in anti-DD combat.
  16. Iwaki Alpha 1935
  17. Give the details man what is your ship and exp
  18. Kamikaze 2365 base XP
  19. So it's the RNCL-like with long duration, "smear-able" smoke screen, and no citadel.
  20. I am using dynamic. I used to use the spider's web one as well but dynamic just fits better for me.
  21. It's probably more vocal representation, plenty in the 'apathetic' category in that regard. Most of the ARP ships would be sunken in my port too. Probably only the Kongo, Takao and Haguro get played enough but there's no way I have the time to maintain so many ships. P.S: sunken ship mechanic would be a great way to get Wee Gee some more cash money out of the player base.
  22. I tried this before I switched to dynamic, and I got more confused by it instead (not enough battle to practice is also another problem).
  23. Technically ARP Iona is a submarine and is in game. We also have that submarine that couldn't be used in battle. So Subs confirmed
  24. Yeah I changed to the Type 7 when it became available. The angular lines are definitely good utility, but given enough battles you tend to pick up a feel for picking up the opponent's movement and relative position anyway and it starts mattering less.
  25. 1. Description I gonna use Alt interface via the option but not show up even I tried everything hold Alt and try reset option but doesn't work 2. Reproduction steps 1.setting indicator interface on option 2.Enter the Battle 3.Try to set the Alt interface 4. Expected result All of Alternate indicator interface not appear even try to Hold and Release Alt button 5. Technical details 2 screenshots and python file
  26. Sadly, my ARP ships are sinking too, no time for ships that have no advancement. Smith (still brand new in port, haven't play yet), Mikasa, Emden, Colorado, New Mexico, Mahan, New Orleans. Others still play once in awhile, so still floating.
  27. ST Changes Link : Enterprise: She will received Tier IX-X Modification modules (cost 3 million credits) Her Dive Bombers can carry AP or HE bombs and can be switched in port DBs carry 1000lbs Mk 33 Armor Piercing Bomb, drawbacks are makes the Dive Bombers sacrifices speed. New Bombs: 1000lb Mk33 AP Bomb Bomb Maximum damage 8000 (7300 previous test) ; fixed penetration 70mm – 240*, does not cause fire. Less Penetration causes mixed effect from reduced bomb falling speed and increased bomb krupp. changes are AP bombs stall better inside the ship. Bomb drops vertically and ricochet at 45°. Bomb dispersion: V 240 meters / H 51 meters; manual drop (ALT-attack) is 10% more accurate than auto drop. Bomb Explosion delayed from 0.02 seconds to 0.03 seconds. 1600lb Mk1 AP Bomb Maximum damage 10100; fixed penetration 70mm - 280*, does not cause fire. Same as above Same as Above Bomb dispersion: V 270 meters / H 54 meters; manual drop (ALT-attack) is 10% more accurate than auto drop. Same as above Admiral Makarov Main battery's performance is enhanced in line with Nurnberg (Higher HE penetration and full rotation turret), but she still uses regular Hydroaccoustic Search. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Main guns' reload time reduced from 36 seconds to 32 seconds. New Damage Control Party consumable (Red): activates for 15 seconds, cooldown in 30 (20) seconds, has 3 (4) charges only in one battle. Miscellaneous low-tier British battleships has revealed. They are: Royal Navy Battleships HMS Bellerophon (1909), Tier III HMS Orion (1912) , Tier IV HMS Iron Duke (1914), Tier V HMS Queen Elizabeth (1915) Tier VI (Par with Warspite)
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