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  2. There were another ships aside from kitakami

    Kitkama pain was real. You could virtually walk on the sea of torps (It was a necessity to get off all the sunken ships in your own team)
  3. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    isnt it natural? my pc crashed, behaving same as 0.7.2, where I fixed it by Reinstalling as usual. First, DELETE the Preferences.xml and preferences.xml.bak file from wows folder. if not work then I suggest a full clean installation. Once the patch hits and badly hits without optimization, it scatters your file in your disk, makes it harder to read by your pc. come on guys its just 21 gb of download, but its good to get rid of pink name bans.
  4. Australian Air Warfare Destroyers

    HMAS Brisbane is currently in at Garden Island awaiting commissioning and HMAS Darwin is there awaiting a watery grave somewhere after her decommissioning. Word on the street is the Brisbane is the most advanced DDG in the world at the moment. Ill try to get some closer shot of them both next to each other for you this weekend when I am working.
  5. RN Normal Container OP

  6. Dont go in battle if your pc crashes once after update. Its already messed up and u need a reinstall. Its just your pc cant read WoWs file properly due to corruption. and its common after any major update. the patch also ate my system. and i use low end 8 years old laptop that doesnt have video card, all depends on 2 ghz chipset. After the update i also had same problem, without mod, I try entering battle and it keeps loading forever (for 20 mins) and crashes when battle ends. thankfully i taken action about it before getting Orange name. If minor crash then it should be fixed by deleting Preferences.xml And preferences.xml.bak. if not then go for hard way. Now listen. if your hard disk is old, or you are not using "Primary Drive" but using a Logical drive to keep world of warships, then patch made your files scattered in your hard disk. (idk but my defraggler said it). Dont frag your drive because it will f*#k up more, i tried. Now try copying whole world of warships to a Primary drive. Copy pasting has good chance of rearranging the files so hard disk can read it faster. (Windows + Pause will open disk management and tell you which drive is primary, boot, and logical). What I did is my friend told me disk can read from primary better than logical so I took away some space from primary drive and create another drive of 65 GB, and reinstalled WOWS in it. it runs better with 25 fps now.
  7. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    Same here. Gone from never dropping out to 3 dropouts since the update
  8. RN Normal Container OP

    I'll see if I can trigger people
  9. I managed to get all the RN DD's in crates, RNG gods are smiling. They are set up like premiums at the moment, so I can shift the same captain around all of them. Need to try and get my new Dunkirk captain uptiered as fast as possible before they change.
  10. Australian Air Warfare Destroyers

    Morning all, just doing some casual research crap and posting it on the WoWs forums for you people to all see. The topic of today's Red Bull-fueled research are the three Australian Air Warfare Destroyers, known locally as the Hobart-class. Coming in at just under 150 metres in length weighing 7,000 tons, the three ships of the Hobart-class (HMAS Hobart, HMAS Brisbane and NUSHIP Sydney) are the most capable surface warships ever to enter service in the RAN. They are equipped with a mass of advanced weaponry and sensors, the former including the RIM-66 Standard-2 SAM, RIM-162 ESSM SAM, Harpoon AShM, MU90 torpedos, a Mark-35 127mm main gun and multiple autocannon and CIWS mounts. The main-piece of the latter is the AEGIS combat system which also encompasses the four SPY-1 phased-array radars that can be seen as the funny octagonal panels put on the forward superstructure near the bridge. For ASW purposes the ships also carry a singular MH-60 Romeo 'Seahawk'. All three were built as a modular design, a little over 30 module blocks being constructed for each ship. Hobart was laid down in 2012, Brisbane in 2014 and Sydney in 2015. Hobart suffered early on from faulty construction in her keel and combat modules, a fault contributed to Australian shipbuilders not having relevant or enough experience building large warships, the faults taking around a collective year to correct and get the ship delivered to the RAN. Hobart was formally commissioned to the Royal Australian Navy in September 2017, however she did not attend RIMPAC 2018 and has not seen any active theaters as of yet. Brisbane is intended to be formally commissioned to the RAN in October 2018. Sydney is intended to be formally commissioned into the RAN in late 2019 with no exact dating having been set. What follows below are a series of photos of the three ships, mostly Hobart. (Apologies for low-quality pictures, pulled these all off Google.)
  11. Only Kitakami was removed. And for good reasons. It was the cause of much teamkilling. It could launch a wave of torps bigger than the planned Mexico wall. Most of these seemed to hit friendlies. It was also painfull to play. Worst Rudder shift EVER. And slow. It needed to be, in order to balance it's loltorps. Now that we supposedly know more about torps, I actually would like to see it...............on the enemy team.
  12. With the new CV rework I'll doubt that will matter. If all carriers are to have unlimited aircraft I wouldn't be surprised if WG inserts her as a Tier IX FXP or a TVIII premium ship, with an idea similar to Kaga. The real big elephant missing from the room is still Akagi, though again the CV rework may change that.
  13. RN Normal Container OP

    Relax bro, I opened 9-10 before getting Acasta
  14. Today
  15. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    I've been getting this with the first game also but it's fine after a restart.
  16. 고향 가시는 길 안전운전하시고, 가족들과 함께 건강하고 풍요로운 한가위 맞이하세요~~
  17. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    if it's a critical error crash you guys are talking about then yes it's happening to me and my clan mates as well! esp the 1st game i load into from the start up, while in port it's fine but once i hit battle it gets slow then right when the battle starts CrAsH and critical error pops up! yup WG thank you for screwing up our game again! now we will have to wait for many reports to hit WG support before they "Fix" the problem they did in the update! also is anyone here experiencing sound problems? i can no longer hear my ships engine, gun traverse, and some other sounds which are important to how we play this game.
  18. I don't use any mods but since the latest update came in my game Critical errors out every time i start my 1st battle! then it will critical error spontaneously from there, as in it will crash at random. and remember i don't have a single mod not even from aslain installed so it's not the mods it's the game itself! they screwed it up and are just waiting for enough reports to come in before they fix what they messed up! it's common with WG games to do these things since they keep making way too many changes to their games!
  19. WoWS Update 0.7.9

    Can't use any mod skin except skin packed on ModSDK
  20. How to Richelieu?

    You are absolutely correct. You will need IFHE if you decide to go full secondary build. One more thing though. the french secondaries arent as durable as german ones. keep that in mind too. And yes, ofcourse the tactics you learnt will come handy.
  21. I tried it out years ago in Zao and never looked back, now it's default in CAs and DDs for me. It gives you so much information, particularly when you are working a flank or cap.
  22. Need tips and tricks for Nagato

    I found Kongo almost identical to Nagato in play style, just that Naga-chan is a dreadnaught so not as fast or agile, gun characteristics are very similar. Don't get too beat up at her accuracy, it's due to her number of guns. FYI my highest ever XP record was in Nagato for years at 3800 until I just barely beat it with Yorck this year. At the start I found her infuriating, however in time I learned to be patient and now she's one of my faves...
  23. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    I can't play even mods I'm about to get cremation Look at they goes
  24. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    The game kept crashing according to my friends.
  25. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    After the update, my game constantly crashes at the start of a match and it kept crashing at every start of a match which turned me red for abandonment. Checked with the WGcheck tool and client turned out fine. So I fiddled with the setting and changed the runtime from DX11 to DX9 and game is now running fine for now. re-installed DirectX but still crashes when using DX11.
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