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  2. 今まで上手く金剛で(というよりTeirⅤで)戦果を挙げれてなくて初めて活躍といえる活躍ができたから凄い嬉しかった。 (自分的には)引き撃ちとかもうまく使って立ち回れたから上達を感じられたのも凄く嬉しかった。 最大与ダメージも(多分)更新したしとにかく嬉しいことずくめだった。
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    King Of The Sea Mission Code

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  5. 之前一直在攒煤炭,如果是研发点数的话我可以多爬几次白龙/中途岛/红男爵甚至大胆都可以,自由经验也有积攒。 但如果是钢船的话,我们军团打军团战的全是韩国人(上次军团战,就我一个不会说韩语),打军团战Discord群语音还要别人给我翻译成英语。 打Rank战的话,我不知道还会出现多少次在就我一个进点压点的同时和对面大和近战还被队友说要去抓DD的情况。(如图)
  6. 下一个赛季开始公会战可以有雇佣兵了,会好一些。一般来说,只要能保证出勤率,随便凑7个能全程保持沟通的人,拿完青铜+白银的4000钢不算太难。
  7. 510出乎意料的好玩。虽然上限低,但是下限高。AP只要击穿就是6000+的伤害。
  8. Kor_guntank

    [5주년 기념 이벤트] 최고의 기억

    나도 한번 주포 일제사격장면을 남겨보고싶어서 찍은 사진
  9. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=936821846847464&id=100015589725465 갓-겜
  10. 내가 처음으로 월드오브 워쉽에 들어간날자 5월!
  11. 나의 최초의 크라켄을 가져다준 전투
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    jolly rogers(fake) flag code

    Thank you matey. "Arrrr!!!" Flag
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    King Of The Sea Mission Code

    Thank you very much sir!
  14. THARSHEBLOWS2020 international pirate imitation day flag
  15. α時代~クローズドβ時代の妙義になります。 当時は美しい艦艇のスクリーンショットを取るのに夢中になってました。 現在ではエフェクトが少々弱くなっていますが、当時の発砲炎は迫力満点で好きな部分でありました。
  16. 今度復活する「北上」のベータ時代の思い出が一番かなぁ。 分隊組んで「魚雷のスープ」を作ったなぁ。 ピーキー艦の極みだったけど、だからこそ面白かった。
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    爽多了就不爽了 這種東西常駐就變得不好玩了
  18. これより古い関連スクリーンショットは存在しませんです。 ここから始まったんだよなぁ…
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    Childhood Indulgence ...

    Im disappointed theres no Star Scream...
  20. S0und_Theif

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.8

    5th Anniversary If we will compare this year's anniversary event and last year's anniversary event, the event is full of activity. But it is too much activity and some directives require very high requirements that players are burned out. Making the event un-fun and un-enjoyable. Also this event has no free premium ship. As opposed to the previous anniversary event, where players can get a free tier 6 premium ship container by completing the directives. Disappointed that there is no free premium ship for the event. Dockyard 2.1 (Anchorage) If we will compare dockyard 2.1 (Anchorage) and dockyard 2.0 (Odin), this dockyard (Anchorage) event is, disappointing. There is no free premium ship in phase 10. As opposed to the previous dockyard (Odin) event. Everything else is alsmost the same as dockyard 2.0 (Odin). OK-ish. Also some of the directives are copied from the Puerto Rico event. High requirements for a short time. Players still remember that event and players are disappointed on how WarGaming handled that event. Especially on how Lesta's CEO's responded towards the playerbase / community unprofessionally. If only either the dockyard 2.1 (Anchorage) or the final directive have a free premium ship, then the dockyard and the anniversary would have been a great event. 5th Anniversary Campaign The only thing in the patch / event that is well made. Good job team. Asymmetric Battle At start, there are plenty of mid tier players playing the game mode. After 5 days, almost all mid tier team are filled by WarGaming bots. At worst only 2 out of the 9 players are human. While high tier team have a full roster of players that are humans. Also there seem to be lacking of incentive for players to play mid tier. The economics are too low. WarGaming could double the rewards for players who played mid tier. Win or lose. This way, there will be incentive for players to play mid tier. Ranked Battle I like the diversity of tiering this year. Ranked in 2020 so far: Season 15 (Feb) - Tier 10 Season 16 (May) - Tier 7 Season 17 (July) - Tier 8 Season 18 (Sept) - Tier 10 No tier 9 yet though. Armory Disappointed that there is nothing special in the armory for 5th anniversary. Only daily shipments. And the daily shipments does not have any reminders. Making it easy to forget that players can collect free rewards on a daily basis. Edit: 3 weeks after the release of the patch, the armory started to have content. To be reviewed for feedback. Combat Missions My disappointment here is that players who have not yet unlocked the Naval Training Center (renamed [not reworked] to Research Bureau), will receive Research Points if they pay doubloons for the dockyard event. But players who play combat missions on a daily and monthly basis can not receive the same offer. What's worst is that, you (WarGaming) added another 400 research points reward in the daily challenge missions. From 800 to 1,200. It is very clear that the Naval Training Center (renamed [not reworked] to Research Bureau) is not popular. Why else give away such resource if it is very "popular". But nooooo, you (WarGaming) refuse to acknowledge it. You (WarGaming) even deny it. You (WarGaming) show desperation. You (WarGaming) are begging players to use the unpopular mechanic. The playerbase / community is smart. I am very very disappointed at you (WarGaming) for such actions. Rework the mechanic as promised. And listen to the playerbase / community for feedback. I have already done homework for you in previous feedback. You're welcome. What looks good on other games, does not mean it will also look good on World of Warships. It's as if the developers and the managers of the game, do not play the game they developed. Transformers Mini-Event Just released yesterday. To be reviewed for feedback. Autumn Festival Mini-Event Not yet released. To be reviewed for feedback. Visual Changes Not bad, but not good. So-so. 50-50.
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    King Of The Sea Mission Code

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    Childhood Indulgence ...

    a free MegaTroll
  24. AlexA125

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    Here's one. My hard work resulted in easy kills for others, sadly not me 😞
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