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  2. 將四五級航母的手動投彈在人機模式下解禁,現在很多新手隊航母有意向,但是缺苦於龍驤的分房問題,滿天的防空怪物
  3. Most of my questions are about the incoming lines, which lines will be coming the rest of the year as well as next year? After the Royal Navy battleships and Pan-Asian DDs, are the French battleships coming? Any little, subtle hint is greatly appreciated :D Other lines in my mind are: RN DDs French DDs German and RN battlecruisers Any Italian line(s) And one of the most expected line: US cruiser split. Regards, Paladinum
  4. Hi Dev, I'm sorry for this question is not new problem. Since 0.5.8 update, the ribbon system was changed. I really really love the old ribbons than new one. With me and many players, the old design is much better. So can you let players use both and allow us to choose in game's settings ? Thank you so much, hope that I'll see them again !
  5. You could just stop at the Lion
  6. Q1: Mid-Autumn Festival this year, there will be something special ? Q2: Asia server there will be events for TGS (Tokyo Game Show) like EU server (Gamescom) ?
  7. Just my luck, If the New Orleans wasn't inside the bomb reticle and it was my fault the bombs didn't hit this thread wouldn't exist. It's about as balanced as one ship shooting down a few whole squadrons of aircraft faster than yūdachi can say poi. USN already have a rearming time twice as long as IJN aircraft, they could at least hit something reliably (like IJN can) while they aren't rearming.
  8. こんにちは!分かりました、自分で10レベルになるために頑張ります、もう一度連絡します!
  9. Probably not. I don't want to install this anyway don't want another program running continuously in the background downloading.
  10. Today
  11. What what. I heard Conq is losing her 419's and only having the mongloid 457's. Wow, my interest in the UKBB's went from 10 to 0 just like that. Here, have these massive slow turning, slow loading turds that can't overmatch like Yamato's 460's. Well back to playing DD's. Oh snap, Soviet radar incoming, can see you 3 continents away and through the earth's core.
  12. [DET] Fun and Engaging
  13. แอดคับช่วยแบนนี้คนนี้หน่อยที่จมผมเพราะผมเล่นอยู่ดีเขาก็ว่าผมว่าเป็นพวกขีขาดซ่อนแต่หลังเกาะทั้งที่เล่น cv แล้วเขาก็มาปล่อยตอร์แล้วลูกปืนใส่ผมจากที่เลือดเต็มจนจมอะคับshot-17_08.21_22_37.09-0304.thumb.jpg.1622f7041d7aa6e8daa4cd26035df2f4.jpg


  14. Its coming tomorrow. Patch drops tomorrow.
  15. I found the way how to solve it thanks for the answers anyway
  16. Im pretty sure i can make enemy dd regret they ever get into the match with a cv as me. Unlike IJN cv who go for sure kill, one shot damage and go off somewhere else , US cv tend to pummel an enemy repeatedly to stack DoT. This lead to the dd constantly getting lit as well as eating bombs that are very likely to break rudders, engines. Damage is a bonus niche , what is devilish about it is you keep him in your sight for 2 3 min straight , sometimes longer while your team torture him to death. Thats the biggest psychological fear and hate ever inflicted. You dont kill dd instantly , you break them thoroughly and slowly, so much so that he wish he was dead instead of having to run around in fear. There you go , 1 dd disabled and possibly too fright stricken to do any good but make mistakes.
  17. subs

    Admiral Kuznetsov travels with a tug boat so why can't I get one for my Soviet Cruisers just in case
  18. where MiMo shall play havoc on Nelson
  19. In all my times of using USN DBs, plenty sure they're not THAT inaccurate. So either the New Orleans struck the lottery or you have to work on your drops a bit more.
  20. A simple question: Mod for macbook.??? Is it possible (Create and Use) ??
  21. 艦長の皆さん! 待望のイギリス戦艦技術ツリーが World of Warships が遂にデビューを飾ります。新たな艦艇が戦場に登場するまでに、長所や短所、運用方法等を予習してみましょう! Action Stations! Tier VI —HMS Queen Elizabeth : 偉大なる女王陛下 戦艦 Queen Elizabeth は第一次世界大戦屈指の名艦と呼ばれています。World of Warships に登場する本艦は、女王の名に相応しい強力な 381 mm 砲と分厚い装甲、そしてイギリス艦艇特有の特殊な HE 弾を搭載しています。 従来のイギリス戦艦と同じく、 Queen Elizabeth は船体前部装甲を用いた鉄壁の守りと圧倒的な攻撃力併せ持ち、突破力に優れた艦艇に仕上がっています。 特徴 381 mm 砲 8 門搭載 最大射程 : 17.15 km (初期状態 : 15.59 km ) 再装填時間 : 30 秒 耐久力 : 53,300 HP (初期状態 : 53,100 HP) 海面発見距離 : 14.4 km 最大速度 : 23.5 ノット (初期状態 : 22.33 ノット) 旋回半径 : 680 m 転舵時間 : 14.3 秒 (初期状態 : 20.1 秒) 主な攻撃目標 戦艦 巡洋艦 主な役割 ダメージ吸収、戦線の押上げ 中 ~ 近距離での敵戦艦・巡洋艦との交戦 避けるべきミス 複数の敵から同時に攻撃を受けること 敵戦艦に側面を晒すこと イギリス戦艦ラインアップの全貌はこちら 関連リンク イギリス戦艦オーバービュー [動画] 開発者日記 : イギリス戦艦
  22. Bonus point: she can also farm Nelson tears if they ever get uptiered into T9 matches.
  23. [LEWD] Legendary Erotic Writhing Degenerates [ERIS] Chest Pad Goddess Cult ([AQUA] can go forth and multiply :< )
  24. If you install the English locale version of the Asia game client, you can only display Roman letters, Cyrillic letters, and Thai. Everything else will be boxes. If you install the Japanese locale version of the Asia game client, you can display Roman letters, Cyrillic letters, Japanese Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana, and Korean Hangul. Simplified Chinese and Thai will appear as boxes. If you install the Traditional Chinese locale version of the Asia game client, you can display Roman letters, Cyrillic letters, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana. Thai and Korean Hangul will display as boxes. I'm not sure about the Thai and Korean versions of the game, because I have not tried those yet.
  25. pfft, please, IM the one who alerted WG to HAGs, you think i dont know about cheats? you think i dont know that there are cheating scum on every server? lemmie tell you something 1. WG does ban hack users, regualrly 2. cheating is so rampant on some servers(CN), that the CEO of the company that runs WOWS there said that "just accept it" 3. WE had a famous player found out using cheats from one of ASIA's top clan as well, we didnt see a need to scream our heads off about it on the forums of other servers 4. what WG does about the hacks now is for me to know, and you to guess(NDA)
  26. well, rule is rule this kind of post is not allowed regardless whether it is true or false or famous
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