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  5. >>[ORCA]swordtarakoさん 追加の検証ありがとうございました。 本日しれっとアップデートが行われたようで、本件の問題は解消した模様。 お付き合いいただいた方々ありがとぅございました。 今朝(7月11日)のイージス参考画像
  6. Gummiheng

    Server Transfer

    No. They just did a year ago... wait for another century probably
  7. Max_Battle

    Guten Tag!

    Ah that was from doing the mission chain. I mean I whaled up some containers which got Rhein but the actual cam was from the missions you can do AFTER you have one of the early access German CVs.
  8. Maddord

    Server Transfer

    Any plans to do a round of server transfers off SEA? I have started grinding a new account but would like to take my SEA account with me.
  9. good choice unlike Aegir, its original design
  10. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0960B.zip (17,972,133 bytes bytes) (same content as [], but installation folder was changed) ●Install From version, "res_mods" folder was moved. (<install folder>/bin/2666186/res_mods/<current version>) Please copy "bin" folder, included in the archive file, to the installation folder of WoWS.
  11. [] に対応しました。 WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0960B.zip (17,972,133 bytes bytes) (修正 - 一部見逃していた箇所を訂正) ●インストール方法 / Installにおいて“res_mods”フォルダの位置が変更されました。 (<インストール先フォルダ>/bin/2666186/res_mods/<現行バージョン>) 圧縮ファイル内の “bin” フォルダを、WoWSのインストール先フォルダにそのままコピーしてください。
  12. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0960B.zip (4,255,092 bytes) (incompatible with [0.9.5.X] or earlier) ●Install From version, "res_mods" folder was moved. (<install folder>/bin/2666186/res_mods/<current version>) Please copy "bin" folder, included in the archive file, to the installation folder of WoWS.
  13. fugetsu

    [] World of Warships 旭日旗MOD V2

    []に対応しました。 WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0960B.zip (4,255,092 bytes) ([0.9.5.X]以前のバージョンとの互換性はありません) ●インストール方法 / Installにおいて“res_mods”フォルダの位置が変更されました。 (<インストール先フォルダ>/bin/2666186/res_mods/<現行バージョン>) 圧縮ファイル内の “bin” フォルダを、WoWSのインストール先フォルダにそのままコピーしてください。
  14. 1. FXPed Yamato and Midway. Really dislike playing CV so the latter is obvious for me with Lexington holding 240k XP already. Izumi is a super good ship IMO so this may not be right thing. 2. Purchased Yamato 3. Reset my US CA line now that I've unlocked RB Target is Siegfried.
  15. Yuudachi__Kai_Ni

    [] Azur Lane Concept Mod "ARASHI"

    [v2.5 (For] New Login Image/Video (ver. Graf Zeppelin) New Milestone Event Theme 'Scherzo of Iron and Blood' New 'Daily Shipments' image (ver. Graf Zeppelin) New 'Personal Score' image in battle result (ver. Bismarck) New 'Background Panel' image in dock (ver. Ironblood) New 'Premium Container Ad' image (ver. Mainz in Azur Lane) New 'Company Logo' image at game loading (ver. 3rd Anniversary) New 'Loading Circle' when loading (ver. Admiral Graf Spee) Added New Combat Missions Image for 'German Carriers 1'
  16. 類似トピックが有りますので貼っておきます
  17. Thyaliad

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    So it is confirmed, we are getting a US CV in the form of Hornet as expected. We are getting are also getting the a new US CL (Helena), a new DD (Ariake) and another kaiboukan, in addition to the earlier announced South Dakota. Good stuff. Hope I can get most of them.
  18. G'day folks... This time it's a Perth video, well two Perths... Watch out for some nice team work, splitting firing angles of enemy ships - rewatching it I was actually surprised how clinical we were... lol. I hope you enjoy it, as per usual, showing some reddit/YT/forum comments I love responding to so if you have questions or whatevs, fire away! I've got a little more time than I expected at the moment (expected to have none) so if there are any requests for BLUF/Un-Eff-It or In-Depth that aren't the Commonwealth series, let me know!
  19. MatterCore

    US 2nd Battleship tech tree Size comparison

    How about American Snails? Mexico Arizona California Lolorado/Virginia Kansas Minnesota Vermont
  20. S0und_Theif

    US 2nd Battleship tech tree Size comparison

    Those BB's are 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
  21. NineKunG_TH

    0.9.5 Bug Report Thread

    waiting for 0.9.6 bug report thread
  22. NineKunG_TH

    AA Priority Sector active time fall into 0s

    That are useful in a ships are likely no AA
  23. NineKunG_TH

    Loosing in Chung Mu suddenly

    It still better than Z-46 :v
  24. Guys help me out here. For the past week i'm having absolutely bad games in my Chung Mu. First 200 matches with wr around 57% and now its down to 53%. The 10km torps doesn't seem to be effective anymore against targets given the high number of radar and the general tendency to stay a bit back. Trying to get the flanks and the team just melts. Any advise or guidance will be highly appreciated.
  25. Mechfori

    Well I was GONNA go clubbing...

    this is actually pretty much the norm these days , the other day I try something like that in a T4 Cruiser, I count the number of CV in the queue being more than twice the sum of al other class , and for the whole time I was in the queue for all that 3 min + its so
  26. trust the islands to block your sight, but do not trust the islands to block enemies' .. that unfortunately is how this game had made it to be
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